Monday, February 05, 2007

the inconvenient truth is real

i'm not a tree hugger. Never cared much for animals or plants and I hated botany while I was studying in university. I've always thought that the world--- the Earth, is such a versatile machine that it could take what we could give it. After all, it has survived asteroid crashes, tectonic movements and so many other changes and what are we but a blink of an eye in the history of this world? I guess, to a certain extent that premise holds true. Life as we know it may not. And we may not. Al Gore's movie, "An Inconvenient Truth" helped open my mind to this pressing concern.

Al Gore is a Force with a passion to bring to the public consciousness the pressing danger of Global Warming and its implication for us all. The data is supported by visual evidence, of rapid changes in our environment. The ecological imbalance that our race has made, taxes our world's ability to sustain us and hence our economic ability.

Today, it makes good economic sense to be eco-friendly in the way we do business, not just for our survival as a race. It doesn't take a tree-hugger to look at the numbers and say that it makes good sense to produce and use power-efficient computers and vehicles--- it lowers our maintenance costs, never mind that the impact it does to our environment is positive. Even, health care, quality of living will benefit if we become more responsible towards our environment. Eco-Friendly today make sense, even if one only considers it an idea to reduce the financial damage the consequences of our actions would cost.

Al Gore has very valid points in his “An Inconvenient Truth”. Though he had targeted primarily the people of the United States because no other country in this earth is more liable than they, his arguments remain valid for the rest of us. We can reverse the ecological damage we've created and it is within our technological achievement but more importantly, individual capability to do so. Each of us can do our little share, our small contribution can help make this world, a place future children can enjoy. Global Warming is real, and it is upon us! If we do not become better stewards of our world, the Earth's beauty and we... may forever be lost.


jhay said...

It's really a shame he never won the Presidency. Oh well, at least he's still doing something useful.

I've seen his presentation and everyone else should see it too.

Cocoy said...

*nods in agreement*