Monday, January 29, 2007


Our society is a feudal one, not in name but how it stinks. Rumors of political lineups for the coming election aside, we have a near absolute Imperial Family residing in a Palace, a residence in itself drenched in its own imperial history. We have two chambers of Congress that mimic a legislature of Royal Houses. Though the final composition of candidates remain in flux, indeed even affiliation to the powers that be--- the sitting Imperial Family or the deposed one, we find common sounding family names, and distress that members of the same family shall reside in the Senate, making it a House of Lords in all but name. Across our Nation, governors, mayors--- generally all politicians, barons, earls and dukes all with their own fiefs and vassals. The actors that proliferate our national consciousness, using their stardom, their name recognition likewise are rising powers, aspiring minor houses seeking to become major powers in their own right through marriage, through affiliation, through their own political astuteness, the latter a greater credit to their name.

Does it really matter?

Does it matter whether Political Dynasties are real or not, or if there is a law that exists that bans them. Who are we to judge a person by his name, instead of his achievements and do we dare exclude that person just because of the blood that flows in his or her veins, if he or she could make a difference? We can not hold the sins of the father, the mother or the brother or sister who and what blood-relation that has come before them, any more than we can imprison a person for the crimes committed by their kin. Neither is it entirely their fault, being we the people, when in need seek those holders of office for little favors: from health and funeral relief to the back-door-deals the Oligarchy have always advanced to gain more wealth. Track record has already planted seeds of doubt: in little over a hundred years of this Republic, what have those ancestry done for our people? Whatever spin the various Families put out as press releases, we have an elected Aristocracy and quite sadly, devoid of principle and vision. So do we then look beyond their names and instead look at their background, their individual achievements and principle and pass judgment based on what little data we know of them?

We ask ourselves why this nation is such as it is. Political Dynasties are real but not in itself the root cause of why this Republic is broken. It is both the fault of our elected officials and it is not. It is not because, We the People can choose to or not, to elect a person into their position. In spite of the cynicism of our election processes today, when We the People turn a blind eye on election fraud, we accept and validate such election as if we made it. It is our elected officials' fault because: in whatever age, in whatever epoch, it is when leaders do not put the greater interest above theirs and when the people allow them to, it is then when nations and civilization have failed. A nation rots and falls or doesn't grow at all when its leaders have no idea what they're doing, have no foresight to what future of the nation they wish to seek or recklessly choose their own selfish ends and the people let them: power with hysterics.


jemy said...

i agree.

to say that aristocracies (or elites) can't be bad because it's the same all around is to say a lot without justifying anything. "by their fruits you shall know them". so when everybody practically is saying this country is going down the pits (politically, at least) then responsibility for this goes to the leaders, which essentially all come from the same families over and over again.

until we recognize this fact and do something about it, nothing much is going to happen to this country. interestingly (and ironically) even ninoy aquino (for some reason, considering his background) agreed to this when he wrote (or quoted ousmane) in his testament from a prison cell: "you cannot have a revolution if you don't have the courage to hurt your own bourgeoisie."