Monday, February 12, 2007


the battle lines have been drawn. There is a line on the sand between the Administration Coalition of Mrs. Arroyo and Opposition Coalition of Mr. Estrada. Each group with their own selection processes and familiar names and faces.

Both camps are calling for "unity". i find "unity" to be a bitter tasting word these days. i fear, it would, in the next few months mean, "farce". Still, there is truth in their collective call for "Unity". Both arguably, still remain equally united: no different from each other and from that, stems my dismay.

what else is new?

I've been voting since I was 18. And I have never missed an election. When I didn't like the crop of candidates, I have never left a slot unfilled. I choose the lesser evil, every time, hoping against hope that maybe these people would have the courage to give something back, if only a little.

Why do many of us bother? What purpose is there for a government? our economy will at the very least survive, largely because our industrious people find ways to send their children to school, and however imperfect provide their own ways for health care.

So what if children die in the streets, for lack of food. They already are now. Those of us who can afford to, can help raise the condition of those we can touch: our drivers, house help and their families. every life we can touch, can touch others when they can. it isn't much, but it can be called progress.

so what if our leaders cheat or squabble? It isn't the role of the Church or the Government to instill ethics and morals, they provide support for parents. Isn't it the duty and obligation of parents to teach kids ethics and morals?

What purpose is there for a government? No one will invade this country, no strategic value. Even if there was, we have no standing Armed Forces capable of defeating such a force anyway. So why bother with a government?

it doesn't mean, i wouldn't listen to what each candidate would say. though i fear, i've heard them all before.

I look at the list of candidates and ask: why would i bother? what possible difference would that one vote be? what's the point of voting? i'd rather put my belief in our people who strive and toil everyday to make their lives a little better, however imperfect: at least they act.


benign0 said...

Amen to that. Philippine politics is just icing wiped over a rotting cake. The icing may taste good, but the rot will eventually spread to it no matter how many times you spread a new coat over it.

Same ol, same ol. Same old vacuous debates, same old tired slogans, same old battle lines, and same old shallow debates (if you could even call them debates).

Then again most people don't see it that way. And therein lies the tragedy. Elections are but a mere step in that familiar campaign-elections-disillusionment-revolution-campaign vicious circle.

There's not much new analysis to be made anymore (unless of course we can re-hash the last 5 years' blog articles and comments). ;)

Cocoy said...


we've diagnosed the problem, taken it all apart.

everywhere, in this blog, in yours, in mlq's and all over the 'net and in real life, people have already given their solutions, a lot of them good ideas. we can draw from years of insight and analysis and thought-provoking discussion.

it is just a matter of doing the things we're all saying, putting them into practice.

i believe we can. i believe people are changing the way they do things in their daily lives. i believe that politicians and government by extension isn't an absolute necessity for changing the Filipino's quality of living. it may not seem much--- but if people start observing laws, stop paying bribes, start voting properly (even with the current crop of candidates), or even start helping one's house help go through school, we'll eventually find a better country.

Jon Limjap said...


I posted my own feelings of "enthusiasm" (actually, the lack thereof) in my blog.

Seriously, I'm not even sure I want to vote this time.