Friday, February 03, 2006

Kids and Gloria

i was listening to the television a few minutes ago. a reporter was interviewing kids on Gloria. Apparently teachers have been discussing current affairs with kids. and that kids don't like gloria.

kids. seriously.

a leader, the kids said ought to be like your friend. they tell you the truth.

while in the scale of things, its great that kids are into current events. they're not apathetic. the teacher, to her credit said that one shouldn't accuse without finding out the truth first. but my concern is that their minds are being formed with a bias.

remember that sage, "command is a lonely place"? how can you make our people understand the intricacies of running a nation-state when our own leaders don't? or rather our leaders don't understand leadership the way they ought to.

one thing the kids are right though. it would be good to look at your leader as a friend, you trust them to not to lie, to put your interest at heart. jaded as it may sound, the world isn't as black and white as we might want it to be.