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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

tragedy of commons

much has been said about last saturday's tragedy . goverment blames abs-cbn for the disaster. some people blame government because people are looking to game shows to improve their lot in life. it doesn't take a genius to know that any civic gathering, be it to voice our grievance or a street party requires a permit from the government to do so. the rule of thumb is that government will know how many police they need to deploy. they would know if certain medical personnel are needed and in this day and age of terrorists to protect people. in this day and age, that rule of thumb has been used time and time again all to ensure public safety and security.

in the first place, there was according to radio report, a permit. government knew it was happening. people all over town knew what was happening. there are government regulations in place already that mandates organizers submit plans and those documents are not enough, shouldn't it be government that is to be blamed for not requiring an organizer to submit one? blame should be pointed at government for lack of support. maybe its because the organizers where a media company playing a game show and not some political enemy that no one bothered to raise an eyebrow. anyone with half-brain will note, the task force's recommendations all require government to enforce.

the task force also noted that so few tickets were offered. people have long been warned that there were only a few tickets available. and still they went hoping to get a chance to win the top prize. it tells us that 1) people really wanted to go; 2) its up to the organizers to determine the number of tickets that they will issue (probably determined by what government/venue limits them to do so) and/or because thats all they could give out as prizes.

scientists can all say how it happened or why people join game shows. and people can rant about how this is a sign of how in dire straights our people are. yet we hear mrs. aquino call for resignation isn't helping. want i want to hear from mrs. aquino and her allies is how they will be different from mrs. arroyo and her ilk and what are they going to do for our people. such righteousness is waste of energy. how are they going to make it different?

people stood in that line for days hoping against hope to win the prizes. were they treated like animals? no one told them to wait out there without food or water or creature comfort. they wanted to win because they wanted to change their lot in life and they stood there taking a chance. they stood there of their own freewill and that is a greater tragedy. there is something to be said about working hard but may be they were really hopeless and the oligarchy, is to be blamed for that.

What tragedy of commons!

abs-cbn rightly shoulders part of the blame for last saturday's tragedy and the best measure is how good they bare that responsibility is how much the victims themselves are looked after, and one must commend them for that. part of the blame also falls on people no matter what science or mob mentality there is, humans are humans they should act like one.

a huge chunk of the blame goes to government, not because they've failed to provide people with good jobs and good lives (that ain't their job, theirs is to ensure private enterprise is able to thrive to give people good jobs). part of government's job is to help ensure public safety and security. what they say to a private enterprise when it comes to that is supreme. government should take responsibility for their shortcommings and not shrink for it!

Thats what leaders do.

Our country should wake up but then thats hoping too much. you know, thats a tragedy too.