Tuesday, January 31, 2006

of renewing public life with moral values

The CBCP in their pastoral statement is correct that those "in search of the truth", have vested interests at heart. And our people see right through that veil. The CBCP's intention of course is to get our people to draw a line in the sand that by knowing what is wrong can lead us to finding the right path. "Pressure is thus brought on the ordinary citizen to take sides on the basis of speculation, whether this be with regard to destabilizing alliances, armed insurgency, or a brewing coup d’etat." truth illuminates after all doesn't it?

is this what the Bishops are telling us?

The Bishops clearly sum up the voice of our people: "...there seems to be a paralyzing gridlock in the political sphere, as partisan interests prevail over the demands of the common good. Enough of this destructive politics, we hear our people declare. In this situation of widespread confusion, it is not surprising that apathy and cynicism with regard to politics have taken hold of the minds and hearts of many Filipinos. Tragically, many Filipinos have lost trust in political leaders from left, right, and center, and, worse still, in the political institutions themselves which are perceived by many to be corrupted. Among an increasing number of our people, there is a sense of hopelessness about our country and the possibility of genuine reform."

The Bishops rightly point out that "...the root cause of our debilitating situation is the erosion of moral values. Its external manifestations are deceit and dishonesty, corruption, manipulation and a deadening preoccupation with narrow political interests, perceived in practically all branches and at all levels of government." the CBCP wants the continued search for truth--- but warns it must be made by credible parties. the CBCP wants elections to push through in 2007, that though they see the need for charter change it should not be rushed into blindly and in haste. The CBCP does not condone the use of violence to gain power.

Though they did not elaborate where credible parties may be found to search for truth, their call for elections in 2007, their opinion on charter change are valid.

Most important matter in the CBCP's pastoral statement is this: as they want us to search for truth and as they give their opinion on the the issues of our day, they take equal responsibility for Philippine public life that in their words, "will require the transformation of cultural values and structures, and will require more intensive efforts on the part of the Church." They vow to take steps into achieving this.

The greatest nations on Earth today, yesterday and tomorrow are empowered by people and driven by their Leadership. Someone needs to point where we go, to give direction for our nation's power, to be a guiding force, to instill discipline within our ranks. When that force is directed towards the interest of those leaders and not first for the common good then we have deceit and dishonesty, corruption, manipulation and this cancer exists not just in government but in each and every person. Though I still believe that Truth can only come out only after we reboot our national institutions because only then can there be clear, credible parties to see the truth. The only long term cure to the cancer and hopelessness prevailing in our society is a renewal of our moral values--- our collective future first. I just hope our leaders and our people can read and construe the CBCP's discourse because whatever faith you belong to, get pass that and they still make sense.


Rizalist said...

After all the dust has settled, the true picture emerges -- following Benedict's edicts, the Bishops eschew direct involvement in politics and give the responsibility to those in the temporal realm for what happens on earth.

Yet, that is a part of religious freedom too, Democracy's most generous protection. Churches are neither forbidden nor encouraged to meddle in politics.

It is only as CITIZENS that CHURCHMEN are duty bound to uphold Truth, Justice and Liberty for all.

But I think I might support fresh calls to TAX ORGANIZED RELIGIONS.

cocoy said...

rizalist, yep must be an order from way up high. that was a subtle message behind this statement by the cbcp. and we'll all be for the better of it. i'm not sure if there is a legal basis why we don't tax religions. but we really should if there isn't any law that goes against it. whats fair is fair right?