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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

when leaders lie

We all believe politicians lie. The facts say that people around the world believe that their politicians lie. Its not only in the Philippines.

No surprise there.

The problem in the Philippines isn't that politicians lie. Two things actually, first is that we have no vision for our future, no plan to go where we want to go and this leads to the second reason: we don't work hard to achieve anything because there is no direction to focus on. we don't aim for anything. Chicken and an egg, don't you think?

Don't go looking to people for answers. The man in the street will never understand the subtle workings of say a diplomatic negotiation. Not because they are not educated. No, its more like you don't let a Medical Doctor build you a car/computer because thats what Engineers are for. Do you get what I mean? Thats what we pay and elect leaders for: they make the decisions on where to go because they have the vision and the will to take us there and we assume, as-in-chain-of-command-kind-of-discipline, they have the best interest for the country.

It doesn't matter that tomorrow will still have hungry people. The fact is, the only thing we can expect is that tomorrow, there should be less people who are hungry and that less should be given every opportunity to transform their lives and if not them, at least the following generation.

The challenges of today doesn't go away over night. People don't stop working. We keep on struggling because thats what life is. We keep on going. Every successful person did so because they worked for it. Just as every nation on Earth. Thats what we need to do.