Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Philippine Government Sites Defaced, Linux blamed

the journal online:

"government offices hit by hackers during the period were the Department of Education, PNP, National Power Corporation, Commission on Audit, DOJ and the National Computer Center. But majority were local government units in the countryside. The last time the Congress website was defaced was in 2007.

Hackers used the Linux Operating System (OS) to deface 507 of the websites, WIN2000 71 times; and WIN2003, FREEBSD and WINNT9X 13 times each.

Of the 667 government websites defaced during the period, 507 or 76 percent were using Linux as their OS. Sosa said this is because the latter is the most common operating system being used by government offices since it is a free software and openly available."
Please spare me from people who don't know technology?
  1. So from where i stand they were able to determine that the hackers used linux to deface the sites.
  2. It isn't the operating system that was hacked but websites ergo, webservers. i'm guessing, apache was not secured/patched.
  3. The article didn't state if the machines were root hacked.
This is FUD:

“Further, these top hackers have targeted the national and local websites of the PIDS, DOST, DOLE, Napolcom, Supreme Court and Department of Education which are using the Linux Operating System, a free and openly available software which makes them highly vulnerable to hacking,” he said.

Is this because there is a pending open source bill at the house of representatives?

updated: a webserver, for you uninitiated into the world of server technology is like Microsoft Office or Yahoo Messenger. It runs on top of the Operating System (Windows). So in this case, the Webserver runs on top of Linux. The breach, so far as the article described it wasn't a breach of Linux--- but the webserver. There are myriad ways how a website may be defaced. It could also be the webserver wasn't patched or secured.

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