Thursday, January 08, 2009

Onward to first world status by 2020!

I read this tweet which pointed to this Panay News post: "CONGRESS SHOULD REGULATE USE OF INTERNET.

THERE must a law regulating the use of the internet.

This is because there are many bloggers abusing this wonderful communication facility never before imagined by previous generations.

Bloggers with evil minds use the internet to malign and vilify innocent people.
Even granting for the sake of argument that they have reasons to vilify and libel their subjects for personal reasons, such act is tantamount to condemnation without due process of law.

This is true in the case of Dr. Evangline Camarista Johnson, who has been the object of scurrilous, libelous and defamatory allegations not proven beyond reasonable doubt before a court of law.

Internet posts about her paint her as inhuman, not capable of doing the right things, and an evil woman who victimizes unsuspecting rich people for pecuniary gain.

We pity her because she has been vilified, villainized and scandalized.

We agree with Bacolod City columnist Primo Esleyer that Congress should pass a law regulating the use of the internet, and that libel laws must include the internet because of abuses by charlatans and people with evil minds.

We know the author of the blog that continuously maligns Dr. Johnson.

We hope he will come to his senses that what he is doing is not right and that later on, the law of karma will fatally strike him.

I have to stop and remind myself, that yes, this is a democracy.

I suppose it is hard to visualize what exactly is the internet? I mean, how do you picture a global computer network that has no central authority?

click the image to get the bigger picture:

The very principle of the Internet--- net neutrality means every packet, every piece of data is treated equally. Why do people insist on controlling it and even censoring content online?

One of the founding fathers of the World Wide Web, Dr. Vint Cerf, was quoted by Reuters, "Internet is used by a billion users around the world, it's not strictly a purely governmental thing to control, and that's why you need this multi-stakeholders structure to make sure all the prospects are respected."

The internet is a disruptive technology. It has spurred innovation at every level of human civilization from technology to politics to economics. People who think in terms of regulation and control have no idea that this explosion of human communication, technology, politics and economics would not be possible if barriers were ever in place or would be in place.

This is an xkcd moment:
This is a democracy. This is a democracy. (repeat)


In the words of someone far smarter than I am, "Onward to first world status by 2020!"

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