Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Desert Transformation

Finally! @LaTtEX via Twitter pointed me to Cardinal Rosales' pastoral letter "Towards a Morally Rebuilt Nation (pdf)".  The Cardinal summed up our nation's plight perfectly when he said, "we suddenly noticed that the widespread corruption we see in others is also the corruption we detect in ourselves". 

What's even more important is his answer. If I may, in similar theme to what time and time again this blog and many Filipinos across society have been pointing out, that everyone is ready but the boys at the top got to get their act together:

To put it simply, leadership from the top.

Thinking about it some more, the same can be said about our country's political state, doesn't it? The last few years has proven that it is no longer a question of whether our people are willing or not to transform this country.

We are.

What's lacking is direction. Leadership that inspires, that leads, that has vision, that is for the people.

Everybody else is ready. To move forward, to achieve, to build a nation--- the missing building block comes from the top going down.

Simply: the boys at the top, they got to get their act together.

At last, someone with authority to speak the cure everyone is waiting for, everyone knows, but nobody at the top can seem to grasp, to construe!  This Pastoral Statement of the Archbishop, Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Province of Manila, spoke of the answer eloquently, yet in language people can understand: 
"We need the leaders from the highest to the lowest and their familes not only to lead us but also to give us examples of repentance and true humble conversion. We also need people with other ideas but with positive emotions in nation building. Given the example and encouragement, the citizens will be inspired to follow where in the past they hesitated to proceed--- to their "desert" transformation". 
Are they listening? Are we ready to rebuild this nation?


John said...

Problem with a lot of those who are on top, and those who want to get there is that they have selfish intentions. It seems that the concept of a "statesman" (think Tañada, Diokno,Aquino) is obsolete, since people now see government service as a cash cow... But, I quote Aragorn (Two Towers) "There is always hope..." such is the case for our country...

Cocoy said...

That's true. Hope springs eternal. Like that Obama quote a couple of posts back.
cynical maybe but this, i think this is more apt:
"Power bases are very dangerous because they attract people who are truly insane, people who seek power only for the sake of power. -Leto the Tyrant, Children of Dune"