Sunday, February 24, 2008

Power and Leadership

Found this to be interesting. @nicknich3, who I follow on Twitter wrote in his blog, Asian Energy Advisors about the key to lowering Philippine Energy Prices.

He wrote:

You can disagree with me if you want, but you can’t prove me wrong. We’ve had all kinds of advisory boards, expert panels, studies. The President and Cabinet are continually issuing directives. Funding agencies are continually handing out grants and huge loans.

So where is the real traction going to come from? As I said here over two years ago, it’s going to come from the:

“Boards of Directors, CEOs and CFOs of Philippine utilities and energy corporations.”

I can’t wait for one of the more progressive utilities here in the Philippines to effectively apply social media to transform their customer relationships and unleash their employees’ abilities to operate - an initiative that has to be enabled at the very top of the organization. It will push the whole sector forward, I’m quite convinced.

To put it simply, leadership from the top.

Thinking about it some more, the same can be said about our country's political state, doesn't it? The last few years has proven that it is no longer a question of whether our people are willing or not to transform this country.

We are.

What's lacking is direction. Leadership that inspires, that leads, that has vision, that is for the people.

Everybody else is ready. To move forward, to achieve, to build a nation--- the missing building block comes from the top going down.

Simply: the boys at the top, they got to get their act together.