Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Conversation with Steve Jobs

One of the hottest things today is D: All Things Digital Conference.

(isn't it amazing that the concept of "today" is relative to your "timezone", i.e. location in space? But enough geekyness, we digress.)

In this video, Walt Mossberg has a conversation with Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

They talk about Apple's business:

  • iPhone,
  • iTunes/iPod,
  • the Mac
  • and "hobby" Apple TV which now features, watching YouTube on your big screen tv.

you can find the transcript and original video over at All Things Digital.

memorable moment of the interview: "iTunes (in Windows) is like selling ice water to people in hell" -- Steve Jobs.

And oh, speaking of Microsoft, they just launched a multi-touch "product" called "Surface" (they have video, text and pictures of the thing) and will be targeted at hotels and such, none for us ordinary folk. Microsoft can sure take the fun off great technology (and it looks ugly). Guess, there isn't a lot of ice water to go around in hell Redmond.