Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The One About Many Things

(Updated) Even people living in the mountains probably know by now that grief spread across the planet yesterday when the Gunman who was 'Always by Himself', took with him 32 people. mlq3 blogged that one of those gunned-downed by that lunatic was a heroic-professor named Liviu Librescu who barricaded the door to his classroom until all his students could escape. He was a holocaust survivor. (added this:) The International Herald Tribune has an article on Liviu Librescu.

With regard to the heroic professor, I couldn't agree more with mlq3:
"Now that was leadership to the point of the ultimate sacrifice."

Speaking of the Holocaust, over at Slate, Clive Jones talked about the Poet-Warrior Isoroku Yamamoto, better known to us kids, as the dude who planned, orchestrated and attacked Pearl Harbor.

In his essay, Mr. Jones mulled this about poet-warriors:
we need to ask ourselves whether a flair for the poetic might not be a limitation to generalship, in which a considered appreciation for the mundane is essential. A poetic flair has an impatient mind of its own: It likes to make an effect, and it has a propensity for two qualities that can easily be inimical to a broad strategic aim. One of those qualities is what A. Alvarez called the shaping spirit, and the other is what Frank Kermode called the sense of an ending.
In the world of Technology, Intel announced in Beijing its plans for the next 2 years beginning with unwrapping Penryn. They also announced among others, a gaming platform code name: skulltrail and the introduction of an ultra mobile line.

Looks like my search for the Holy Grail will be realized in 2009 (or thereabouts) when, if all plans are good to go, mobile quads will be mainstream. Now, if only RAM prices could drop to go with those fast processors... after all any computer dude worth his salt knows: never, ever scrimp on ram; more is good.

Slight snafu that Apple has already corrected: WWDC Keynote on June 11th--- is set for the traditional 90 minutes and not 3 hours as previously noted across the web. WWDC is Apple's developer conference and this year, they plan to talk about Leopard, the Cupertino-based Mac maker's next operating system scheduled for shipping in October this year. Leopard is Mac OS X 10.5, and it is expected, when released, will have features that surpass its troubled rival Vista. WWDC is also the event where Apple is expected to announce when iPhone will ship.

I may have a slight bias when it comes to Macs. I switched to the platform early last year and never plan on going back to Windows. The Mac is an excellent platform for everything between work and play. With the shift to using Intel Processors, the Mac is an even more awesome platform because it has opened the door to run Windows applications via software like Parallels or Apple's free Boot Camp. Not to mention a lot of Apple software is being used to deliver New Media, some of it, comes freely bundled like garageband with every Mac. Just ask the boys and girls of PhilMug, a community of Mac Users and they'll tell you about their Mac experiences.

Stranger things have happened before, so notes Rachel Rosmin of Forbes who fantasized about Goopple--- an Apple-Google Mashup.

Speaking of everyone's favorite search giant, Chief Google, Dr. Eric Schmidt, put to rest the powerpoint-killer-app-from-google rumours with an announced presentation software to go with Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

For those of you who are big fans of Reality TV, iJustine, Mac user, blogger, internet lover and new media connoisseur of Tasty Blog Snack and Mommy, pack my lunch fame took over for a day wearing the cam over at (I don't know if, when you're reading this you can still catch her as she moves about San Francisco). As's blog noted: guess the best man for the job... is a woman.

If you're into Parkour, be sure to check out this video by Desiree and Justine from their Mommy, pack my lunch site:

Guess I wouldn't end this post without a bit of Philippine politics: Avigail Olarte of the PCIJ wrote about 2007 Senatorial Candidates. Interesting. it'll help me to decide whether or not to vote.

Uber-Genius Einstein predicted that mass warps space-time and recent experiments have proven that he was right.

Speaking of bending Space-Time, for those of you who are addicted to Heroes as I am, wishing they could bend space-time to their will like Hiro, Comic Book Resources posted these video snippets (spoilers warning) of Heroes Vol. 1, Chapter 19 ".07%" which will air on April 23. What's it about, you ask? Why, Nathan discusses the future with Mr. Linderman. Claire has that talk with Grandmum Petrelli, who wants to ship Claire-Bear to Paris. Issac gives away his sketch pad and talks about Hiro and 9th Wonders... i guess you can figure out what happens to him. D.L. and Jessica have the talk about Micah, then Jessica is called to meet with our new favorite villain, Mr. Linderman. Lastly, former baddie Mr. Bennet is in Parkman's head.