Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Everyone Care, Nobody Cry

What's interesting? How would you like for today, we figure out how to change the world and maybe, just maybe, while we do that, save it as well?

Guy Kawasaki is a venture capitalist and former Mac evangelist who wrote "The Art of the Start". He said: real entrepreneurs aren't in it for the money, they're in it to change the world. He has this video that every entrepreneur should see:

Guy Kawasaki, The Art of the Start

Saving the world from hap-slip is Filipino-American Happyslip who has this amazing creative talent. Her site has videos and you can search for her in YouTube. In her Vlog, she explains what a happy slip is. hhhmm. anyway here it is:

happyslip vlog 1

If you're looking for more funny... checkout Funny or Die. Will Ferrell once more used his special abilities and killed us with laughter in this video entitled "The Landlord":

Help "Pac-Man" save the world from a host of ghosts with his pop culture trademarked “wakka wakka” sound: the World Pac Man Championships are up! Gaming Horizon has all the details.

Changing and Saving the world from the dinosaurs of Old Media are New Media folks. Reader Gregory from awhile back posted this link to the PBS page and it's all about what's happening to the news. He wrote:
I highly recommend to you Part 3 because it gives another perspective to what you have written about (Internet’s effect on behavior, particularly in the media)
Speaking of another perspective on New Media, Problogger recently wrote about how blogsearch ranks your posts... in their own words. In it he described how google ranks your blog--- via blogroll, via, social bookmarking. all though towards the end in a conspiracy theory kinda way, he comes up with: google is reading our gmail and google talk to help their search engine find the most popular content. hmm... Interesting.

Presentation Zen is all about professional presentation design and saving the world from bad presentations and i've been following them since stumbling upon the site a few weeks back. Like a lot of people who've done keynotes, I kinda suck at it. While we're the topic of presentation, also checkout Guy Kawasaki's 10/20/30 rule for powerpoint.

Given all that has happened the past few days, like that lunatic who killed 32 people wouldn't it be more sensible and would save us a lot of grief and heartache that humans should find better ways to figure out how to help mentally unstable people? More than trying to limit the purchase of handguns I think the more important lesson is to figure out a mechanism by which future lunatics would be given loads of time with therapy, saving us all, a lot of grief.

We blogged about Great Men and Sacrifice, and then we hear about heroic deeds. Like helping others as that missing American Peace Corp volunteer, Julia Campbell [her blog: here] had done until quite recently. Also, Jerusalem Post has more on Professor Liviu Librescu.

These guys are not exactly changing the world, they're out to save it. Here's a trailer from Heroes: "it's time to save the world".

Heroes Vol. 1, Chapter 19: ".07%"
the song: "if everyone cared" by nickelback

How can we change the world? We simply have to do what we do best. Whether we try to be the best entrepreneur we can be, or be funny like happyslip and Will Ferrell, who deliver great content. Even being the villain of the story can fundamentally alter people to find a better way. If one looks at it from that point of view, when bad things happen to good people, it stands as testament to the great good humanity has and can achieve. It shines out in people like Liviu Librescu. When given the chance, ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Maybe when we change the world, we also save it: everybody care, nobody cry.


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