Thursday, April 05, 2007

is apathy the greater evil?

The Philippine Daily Inquirer talked about the Political Battle over Pacquio's fight:

"There are rules in elections but Pacquiao is a phenomenon. He is the only thing right now that excites the whole country," Philippine Daily Inquirer boxing columnist Recah Trinidad told Agence France-Presse.

"How can you sacrifice that just because of some silly political exercise?"

Pacquiao is seeking Custodio's congressional seat representing South Cotabato province in Mindanao island, where the boxer traces his roots.

Arguably, Pacquiao is a good fighter--- one of the best to take up boxing. He is an inspiration to many Filipinos. Yet what precisely is wrong in our system is when we set aside rules, and common ethics even for "heroes" like Pacquiao.

Letting his game be viewed by millions does constitute an unfair advantage.

Who loses out? you, me and millions of Filipinos hoping to watch an excellent boxing match. Then again, Pacquiao has no business running for public office. He is already an inspiration for millions. He can do much good with his time, his money. He can educate a lot of kids. he can help train new boxers. He doesn't need to be running for public office to do much good, when if his heart is really in the right place, he could be doing more good right now being a hero. in fact i submit, he is doing much good right now being who he is: one hell of a boxer.

what is wrong in our country is that we have to have two feet in whatever business we've got. Pacquiao should choose between the excellent career of boxing or politics. he can't be doing both at the same time. one will undoubtedly suffer. the proper course of action would be to finish his stelar career as a boxer. he has more years ahead of him in that ring. then if the bug still has him, may be thats the moment for him to run for public office.

There is really something terribly wrong when people start saying elections are "silly political exercises". is there any doubt our political system is such a mess? "Silly political exercise," indeed. when we go that route, we don't deserve democracy.