Monday, April 09, 2007

(update) The Age of New Media

Forget MTV. the 20-somethings and below are the ipod carrying, youTube hugging, video-blogging, world of warcrafting, TiVo watching, social networking (link added:googling your date) crowd. They are both the consumers of media as much as its producers. It scares a whole set of people--- no one has been here before. this new frontier is one of the gifts of the phenomena that is the Internet. The Age of New Media is here!

Take for example the vlogs of happyslip (a filipina), ijustine's tastyblogsnack, and ambermac, each reflecting their unique backgrounds and yet staying true to the essence of the New Media Generation. You know what? Their blogs are uber-funny and enjoyable to read.

A whole slew of Technology has made it possible. The Internet leveled the playing field. the prevalence of powerful computers, affordable video cameras and consumer affordable software has given an entire generation and early adopters the ability to produce and consume media.
Technology-based networks like Leo Laporte's Twit.Tv and new media developers like Pixel Corps and the likes of The Merlin Show and commandN may be some of the pioneers of this new Frontier, but it won't be long for new kinds of media to spring up.

In this New Era, fans for example are producing their own television shows. Star Trek: New Voyages is a continuation of the original Star Trek, aboard the Enterprise, all fan made from scripts to production to post-production to distribution.

Hilariously funny, Tiki Bar TV is a show that lasts for five minutes and among others is distributed via iTunes. Like New Voyages, the makers use their own time and money to make and distribute the show.

With so much content and growing by the minute and not enough time in a day to do work and play, perhaps the greatest feature of New Media is that it allows the consumption of content at the consumer's convenience.

Did i fail to mention and some may cringe (as i mention this) that a lot of these new media is driven by technology like iMovie and garageband, which comes free with every Mac? This combination of hardware and software enables consumers the easiest way to generate content. Is it any wonder that Apple is making a push for the living room and our (added link:) digital lifestyle with devices like Apple TV, the iPod and iPhone?

Just imagine what all this can mean in 5 years? The Age of New Media is here, and it can only be made possible by the power of the Internet and the increasing power of both hardware and software and its promise of freedom.

(update) Age has nothing to do with this New Media era, as kids ages 12 to 40 and beyond are playing in this sandbox. All it takes really is an inclination towards all things technology and to take that technology and its promise of liberation and the power of "doing it yourself" to the next level. That after all is the promise of not just New Media but of Open Source and it is a gift of the Internet that the consumer has become the producer.