Thursday, March 22, 2007

speak up: vote?

isn't it better to make everyone a multimillionaire?
I remembered making this because of the headlines the past few days about how poverty and hunger still top as concerns of our time. I made this September 2006. The lady isn't mine, so i can't claim ownership... and I forget where i found it, just that I did. Using Google.

the person who made that and the person writing this are two different creatures, living in two different universes. i was full of hope and optimistic that the future can still hold promise for this country. the other guy isn't sure he can believe in people anymore and you've undoubtedly read some of my previous posts. My apathy, disappointment, and disillusionment mirrors countless others out there.

Values Oriented Truthful Elections. indeed.

its very easy isn't it? to write, to put those words in a slogan, to paint it in a t-shirt, or cry about it at the top of one's voice in a political rally.

mindless rhetoric? is it the same empty rhetoric that politicians of all shape, party affiliation stand on? Fighting poverty. indeed.

then again, the problem with not speaking up during an election is that no one ever listens to silence. on the flip-side, the problem with fighting poverty, and values oriented truthful elections is this: they tend to fade after washing the t-shirt. the paint wears off quite easy after people have won an election.

the crazy thing is that we already know how to fight and win against poverty: make everyone a multimillionaire.