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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Low Profile

I was reading the New York Times today. They have an article on Al Gore, former US Vice President and the 2000 Democratic Party US Presidential Candidate. Star in New Role, Gore Revisits Old Stage (subscription is required, registration is free) says, Gore will be testifying Wednesday (21 March), before the United States Senate and Congress on the issue of Global Warming. But it isn't Global Warming, I'd like to talk about but rather this quote from the article:

Friends say Mr. Gore often insists on taking the wheel when he is in a car, and has become a holy terror of a white-knuckle driver; his Treo and cellphone are constantly buzzing. While his new fame often draws a crowd, and often requires him to have aides in tow, he sometimes travels solo to business meetings or out and about. One friend recalled how Mr. Gore was alone in a San Francisco subway station recently, eating a low-fat sandwich as passers-by took pictures of him.
It still astounds me how pretty low profile this guy is for a man who was next in line to be President of the Free World, who commands at least US$5 Million dollars in net-worth and book deals and for winning an Oscar and is on the running to win a Nobel. I wonder how many politicians in this country, heck how many of us can say the same?


benign0 said...

I read also that Warren Buffet, the 2nd richest man in the world (I think) still owns the original 3-bedroom home he bought in Detroit and still drives himself around in a pickup truck.

Compare that to many Pinoys. Even if it costs several months' pay, they'd be sporting the latest cellphone and sitting around spending almost a day's salary on a Starbucks latte.