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Star Wars for Dummies

25,000 years. That's how long civilization stood and what was civilization in a galaxy far, far away but the Galactic Republic? In all that history, the monastic Jedi Order with their unfailing belief in the Force were the guardians of peace and justice throughout the Republic.

It was hubris or perhaps it is simply the way of all things that there be a beginning and an end. And George Lucas' Star Wars saga documents the end quite a lot. The end of civilization. The end of the Jedi. But it was also a story. It was a story of how one life could have catastrophic consequences for the Galaxy. It was very simple story of one man's life. his childhood, his trials as a young man, his love, his knighthood and his thundering fall from grace because of his lust for power, his arrogance, his hubris and how he rose from the ashes to redemption because of love, of family. Star Wars is nothing more than the life story of Anakin Skywalker.

Episode One: The Phantom Menace

Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan (Apprentice), Obi-Wan Kenobi were sent on a diplomatic mission by the Republic. Jedi are basically judges and police of the Republic all rolled into one. The Trade Federation was in dispute with the Planet Naboo. The Trade Federation were conducting an illegal blockade on Naboo. Jedi are attacked and find themselves rescuing the Queen of Naboo, Queen (Padme) Amidala who happened to be a teenager. (mandatory eye-roll that she also happened to be an elected queen by popular vote and not even 18 years old at that). Unknown to the Jedi, the Dark Lord of the Sith, Lord Sideous commanded the Trade Federation to begin an invasion of Naboo.

Our heroes find themselves escaping the Trade Federation but their ship was damaged and only through the last minute rescue by the droid, R2D2 were they manage to raise shields and not die. With a damaged ship, they had to make a pit stop at the desert world of Tatooine. They meet a young slave, Anakin Skywalker and his mother Shimi. 10 year old Anakin has a crush on 14 year old Padme. Anakin helps them procure parts for their ship and Qui-Gon Jin frees Anakin from Slavery.

As they were leaving, our heroes are ambushed by Darth Maul--- a Sith Lord. The Jedi and their friends, barely made their escape and finally are headed towards Republic Capital Coruscant so that the queen could persuade the Republic to help her people. Think of Coruscant as New York City that had filled up the Earth.

Master Qui-Gon reported his encounter with the Sith Lord to the Jedi High Council (think College of Cardinals). He also requested that he train Anakin in the Jedi Arts. He had tested Anakin Skywalker's blood and found that he the highest concentration of midichlorians--- meaning he could be a very powerful Force user. Qui-Gon also believed Anakin to be "the Chosen One" that Jedi Prophecy had predicted would come. The One who would "bring balance to the Force". After interviewing the boy, the Council denied Qui-Gon's request on the basis that the boy was too old for training. Normally, Jedi are taken from their family as babies.

Meanwhile, the Republic Senate were discussing the issue of Naboo. The Queen is disgruntled by the ineptitude of the Senate and calls for a vote of "No-Confidence" against the Chancellor. The Senate elected a new chancellor--- Naboo's representative, Senator Palaptine. Amidala goes back to Naboo to free her people and with the aide of Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Anakin and rebels on Naboo they retake the Palace and captured the Viceroy of the Trade Federation. But not at cost. Qui-Gon was killed by the Sith Lord Darth Maul.

After Maul had killed Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan fought him and won. As a result, the Jedi High Council had promoted Obi-Wan Kenobi to Jedi Knight and after insisting that Anakin was to be his student because he had promised Qui-Gon that he would train the boy. Though with reservations, Yoda (little green and ancient Grand Master of the Jedi) relented. The Jedi though were not sure whether or not Maul was the Master or the Apprentice but they knew the Sith were back.

Qui-Gon Jinn - A reckless, rebellious Jedi Master
Obi-Wan Kenobi - Padawan to Qui-Gon Jin
Padme Amidala - teenage Queen of Naboo>Anakin Skywalker - Slave boy, mechanic, pilot, podrace champion, hero of naboo
Yoda - Grand Master of the Jedi Order, more than 800 years old
Mace Windu - Jedi Master and Member of the Jedi High Council
Darth Maul - Sith Lord
Darth Sideous - Sith Lord and Master of Lord Maul
Chancellor Palpatine - Leader of the Republic
R2D2 - Droid maintained by the Royal Engineers of Naboo
C3PO - interpreter droid created by anakin skywalker
Shimi Skywalker - Mother to Anakin
Jar Jar Binks - really annoying character that lived underwater in naboo

the Force - Mythical Energy = "God" = Qi. It gives both Jedi and Sith Power.

Jedi Order/Jedi/Jedi Knights - Think Magician + Buddhist Monks + Samurai + Priesthood + Templar Knights. They are basically a monastic order that believed in the Force and used it as their power. They also act as diplomats, arbitrators and police of the Republic.

Sith/Sith Order/Order of the Sith Lords - Religious opposite of the Jedi who believed in power for power's sake. At the time of Episode 1, Sith were believed to be extinct. We learn that there were only suppose to be two Sith always and never more than that against thousands of Jedi. The reason why there were only two sith at a time is never explained in the movies. In other literature, the Rule of Two was established a thousand years before Phantom Menace by the Last Dark Lord of Sith, Darth Bane.

Lightsaber - Weapon of Choice by Jedi and is also used by the Sith. Each blade is constructed by a Jedi and that no two lightsaber is exactly alike. The lightsaber is an energy weapon. It is a weapon that is ALL edge: every side of it can cut. It in many ways, the lightsaber is the material embodiment of Jedi. At the Heart of every Lightsaber is a focusing crystal and a power cell. poetically it is said that "The crystal is the heart of the blade. The heart is the crystal of the Jedi. The Jedi is the Crystal of the Force. All are intertwined. The Crystal. The Blade. The Jedi."

Jedi Temple - home of the Jedi. It is their Watchtower against the Dark. Every temple of the jedi sits atop a "nexus" of the Force.

Jedi High Council - governing body of the jedi order. 13 of the Order's greatest Masters. There are other lesser councils but the High Council is the governing body of the Jedi.

We learn:
Anakin: slave. creator of C3PO. mechanic. pilot.
Alluded in the story that Anakin Skywalker was born through the Will of the Force (Virgin Birth)
The Sith had been hiding in plain sight for 1,000 years.
Corruption has set in the Republic

Episode Two: Attack of the Clones
Takes place a decade after Episode One.

Former Queen Padme Amidala's was now Naboo's representative to the Republic Senate. Yes, it's weird that Naboo had an elected royalty. Palpatine is still Chancellor of the Republic. Amidala is ambushed and nearly killed while arriving at Coruscant. Jedi have been assigned as her bodyguards and to investigate the attack against her. The Jedi assigned to her were Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. The Republic is faced with a Separatist movement. And Amidala was one of those advocating for peace.

Skywalker had already grown up and is still attracted to Amidala and vice versa. Anakin and Padme both hide out in Naboo and there they fell in love. But the Jedi are not allowed to love. monastic order and all that.

Obi-Wan investigates the attack on Padme. He discovered that there was a Clone Army being grown. This army was supposed to have been commissioned by the Jedi.

Yoda, Grand Master of the Jedi was trying to see the future. But he could not because his vision was being blocked by the Dark Side. All he knew that their was danger ahead of them.

After having a disturbing vision of his mother, Anakin takes Padme to Tatooine. There, he discovered that his mother had been freed from slavery and had married. But she was captured by Sandpeople and was being held captive. Anakin tried to rescue his mother only to arrive just in time for her to die. He murdered the entire tribe of sandpeople, even the women and the children. He confesses to Padme who kept his secret.

Long story short, Obi-Wan found himself captured by the new head of the Separatist Movement: Count Dooku. Dooku was a Jedi Master who resigned from the Order because he was disgruntled. Dooku then became the new Apprentice of Darth Sideous.

Anakin and Padme disobeying the Jedi Council and Obi-Wan's orders then tried to rescue Obi-Wan from Dooku. They found themselves captured.

Meanwhile, the Senate had voted the Republic to raise an Army and Master Yoda then took command of the Clones and brought them to aid the Jedi.

The Jedi led by Mace Windu (second highest most powerful Jedi Master of the Order) arrive at the planet of Genosis before Yoda. This was the world where Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme were being held. The Jedi are out numbered. many jedi are killed during the rescue attempt ad just when all hope is lost, Yoda arrives at Genosis with the newly Formed Grand Army of the Republic to save the day.

Dooku escaped but was cornered by Obi-Wan and Anakin. Obi-Wan is defeated by Dooku. Anakin attacked but Dooku being the better duelist cuts Anakin's arm and Anakin falls into a coma.

Yoda walks into the room. Dooku used Force Lightning on Yoda. But Yoda even if he was 800+ years old was the most powerful Jedi there was and easily absorbed Dooku's attack. So Dooku decided that the only way to know who was better was if they fought lightsaber to lightsaber.
Geek out moment to see that little green old timer really move quickly. Yoda was a whirlwind in the Force. He jumps around slashing and flying and kicking and really giving Dooku a run for his money. Hey, Yoda isn't called The Grand Master of the Jedi for nothing!

So Dooku being the cliche slime ball villain that he is... does what ever villain does. He escapes with his tail tuck in between his legs back to his master, lord sideous... who happened to be based on Coruscant, next door to the Jedi Temple.
With the Seperatists on full scale attack and a Grand Army of the Republic, begun the clone wars has.

Anakin gets a robotic arm to replaced his cut one and he and Padme are secretly married in Naboo.

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi Knight, Master to Anakin
Anakin Skywalker - Padawan to Obi-Wan Kenobi
Padme Amidala - Queen of Naboo
Yoda - Grand Master of the Jedi Order, Ultimate Master of the Way of the Hawk Bat lightsaber technique which he used against Dooku
Mace Windu - Jedi Master and Member of the Jedi High Council
Count Dooku- Sith Lord and leader of the Separatist Movement.
Darth Sideous - Sith Lord and Master
Chancellor Palpatine - Leader of the Republic
R2D2 - Droid maintained by the Royal Engineers of Naboo
C3PO - interpreter droid created by anakin skywalker
Shimi Skywalker - Mother to Anakin
Jar Jar Binks - really annoying character that lived underwater in naboo
Jango Fett - Bounty Hunter basis for all clone troopers
Boba Fett - Clone of Jango Fett

Anakin and Padme fall in love and secretly marry
We see Yoda as the Most power and wisest of the Jedi.
We get a foreshadowing of the Future Darth Vader. Anakin's Theme leitmotif had more Vader in it as he murdered the sand people.

Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith

Opens with a huge sprawling (really nice cgi) battle above Coruscant. Anakin and Obi-Wan are inside their Jedi Starfighters and leading an assault on the Separatist Flagship. Palaptine was being held prisoner aboard the flagship by Count Dooku and the Separatist General Grievous and the jedi are to rescue him. Anakin and Obi-Wan crash into the hanger of the Separatist Flagship. Obi-Wan asks R2D2 to hook up to the ship's computer and find the chancellor. Anakin and Obi-Wan head to the General's Quarters where the Chancellor is being held.

The Jedi find Palpatine bound at the tower. Then Dooku walks in. They fight. Dooku is surprised at their skill. Obi-Wan and Anakin fight using faints and pretty soon Dooku is overwhelmed. Dooku knocks Obi-Wan to the side unconscious leaving Anakin to fight on his own. Dooku and Anakin slash and deflect. Anakin cuts off Dooku's arms. Palpatine looks on and orders Anakin to kill Dooku. Skywalker hesitates. Killing an unarmed man is against the Jedi Code. Palpatine is adamant and Anakin beheads Dooku.

They escape.

Palaptine tells Anakin to leave Kenobi, but Anakin does not. Skywalker and Kenobi were like brothers. Anakin will not leave Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan regains consciousness then the trio find themselves captured again by the droid army and taken to the bridge. The meet General Grievous. Anakin and Obi-Wan use the Force to retrieve their lightsaber which Grievous had confiscated and slash their way through the bridge. Grievous escapes.

Anakin pilots the ship to land on Coruscant... even as half the ship had broken off.
They are greeted by Mace Windu and delegates from the Senate. Palpatine says that the war will be over when Grievous was captured or dead. Mace then promises to expedite the capture of Grievous.

Obi-Wan (by this time period, Obi-Wan is already a member of the Jedi High Council) returns to the Temple to report to the Council. Anakin is reunited with his secret wife who reveals to him that she is pregnant.

The Council is given a directive from Palaptine to appoint Anakin Skywalker as his representative on the Jedi High Council. The Council does not like it when the government interferes on Jedi affairs. It has long been the tradition that the Jedi High Council elects its own members. But they grant the appointment, but does not promote Anakin to Jedi Master.
Palpatine tells Skywalker of the legend of Darth Plagueis the Wise. A Sith Lord who had discovered the ability to control midicholians to create life (virgin birth). It is alluded in the series that Anakin Skywalker was that life... a child of the Force itself.

Anakin is angered by this. He takes it as an insult. Obi-Wan tries to calm him. Anakin accepts the challenge.

The Jedi High Council suspects that the Sith Lord was working with Palaptine's staff, which was why they agreed for anakin to sit on the council so that he could spy for them.
The Separatist movement had made a move on the Wookie homeworld. Yoda goes there with his clone army to fight with the wookies. Obi-Wan heads to the Outer Rim worlds of the Galaxy to hunt for Grievous.

Obi-Wan fights with Grievous and wins. His report to the council is relayed to Palpatine. Skywalker visits Palpatine in his office to relay the good news. Palaptine reveals to Anakin that he was the Dark Lord. Anakin is weakened by this. He could not kill Palpatine but instead returns the temple to report to Windu. Mace Windu and the Masters were shocked so they tried to arrest Palaptine.

At the Chancellors Office the Jedi stood before Palpatine. The seemingly oldman had a lightsaber hidden and started to slash Jedi Masters. Only Mace Windu survived that relentless assault. Then Anakin entered the chancellor's chamber and just as Mace had Palaptine in a corner, Anakin cut of Windu's hand and Lord Sideous used Force Lightning to send Mace Windu out the window to fall to his doom.

Now scared from the assault, Palpatine knights Anakin as his new apprentice... the Dark Lord of the Sith... Darth Vader. His first order was to take the Jedi Temple. After Vader leaves, he goes and calls his Clone Commanders from across the galaxy to execute order 66.

Began the Great Jedi Purge, had. Order 66 was the command to Clone Troopers across the Galaxy to turn against their Jedi Generals. Their orders were to kill them. And one by one because of treachery the Jedi fell. At the temple, Darth Vader presided over a massacre. He killed even the kids who could not fight. Only two are shown to have survived, Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Eventually, they are rescued by Senator Bail Organa and they made their way back to Coruscant. Organa was being summoned for a special session of Congress and the two Jedi saw it as an opportunity to slip back into the Jedi Temple and send word to any surviving jedi not to return to Coruscant.

At the Senate, Palpatine declares himself Emperor, with a majority support from all the Senators and had the jedi ordered hunted down for treason.

At the Temple, after setting the beacon back to alert Jedi not to return home, Obi-Wan looks at the security monitor to find Anakin killing the younglings of the temple (kids). Yoda tells
Obi-Wan that he must kill anakin. While he, Yoda was to confront Emperor Palpatine.

Obi-Wan heads to Padme's house to get intelligence on where Anakin was. she, of course refused.

Obi-Wan played stowaway aboard Padme's ship who was headed to find her husband and to see for herself what Obi-Wan was trying to tell her.

Obi-Wan and Anakin fight after Anakin force chokes Padme into unconciousness.

Back on Coruscant, Yoda faces Palpatine. They are evenly matched. As they fight within the halls of the senate arena, yoda got an epiphany. He knew he could not defeat the Emperor. He ws never meant to and that what happend to the jedi was his fault. He had spent 800 years training jedi to fight the last war. but the sith had evolve and the jedi did not. sith weapon was war itself. so after a stalemate, Yoda had a plan.
On Mustafar, Obi-Wan and Anakin fight it off. Obi-Wan was the master of defense and anakin was the master swordmaster. Eventually, Obi-Wan won the day, cutting off Anakin's arms and chopping off his legs. He left him to die by a pool of lava. soon Anakin was consumed by the fire. If it hadn't been for the timely rescue of Emperor Palaptine, Anakin would have found himself to be dead.
Palatine returns Anakin to Coruscant and puts him inside a fearsome suit of armor. This armor also served as lifesupport for Skywalker. soon, there was only Darth Vader.
Obi-Wan takes Padme to their secret hiding place. Padme, heart broken, gave birth to twins--- Luke and Leia. Padme died.
Yoda decided the twins be split up to protect them from the Emperor. Bail Organa wanted to take Leia and adopt her. Obi-Wan would take Luke to Tatooine with Anakin's step brother, Owen Lars and watch over him from a distance. Yoda gives Obi-Wan some homework. New Force power to stay like a force ghost after one has died.
Yoda arrives at his exile planet of Dagobah and begins preparing for the day he must train the Skywalker twins.

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi Master, member of the Jedi High Council
Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader - Jedi Knight/Sith Lord Apprentice to Lord Sideous
Padme Amidala - Senator of Naboo
Yoda - Grand Master of the Jedi Order
Mace Windu - Jedi Master and Member of the Jedi High Council
Count Dooku - Sith Lord, Public leader of the Separatist Movement.
Darth Sideous - Sith Lord and Master of Lord Maul
Chancellor Palpatine - Leader of the Republic
General Grievous - Supreme Separatist Military Commander
Bail Organa - Senator from Alderaan, consort to the Queen of Alderaan

The novelization actually gives us more about the relationship between Anakin and Obi-Wan. Re: more believable that they were brothers-in-arms.
When Anakin Skywalker was transformed into the Armored Darth Vader, he actually lost a lot of his Force powers. Lost of limb made him less powerful.
Yoda pieced through the dark cloud covering the Force to see the future as he was battling Palpatine. That was the moment of his decision not to fight. That war was not the answer. The Sith had won even before they fought, even before he was born.
Yoda learned the secrets of becoming a Force Ghost (being able to still be conscious while dead) from Qui-Gon Jin. Was only mentioned in the Movies but important plot reference in the future.
Yoda would begin nearly 20 years of exile to prepare for his greatest student.
It is not passion that the Jedi are afraid of... too much attachment is. as explained by yoda to anakin before the latter fell.
It was alluded in the series that Anakin Skywalker was created by the Force itself.
Skywalker's fall was because of his lust for power. He killed his wife, murdered and betrayed his Order/friends

We never actually see Mace Windu demonstrate his awesome ability. In other literature, he was suppose to be a Jedi Prodigy. He created his own lightsaber technique which is partially seen but never quite explained as Windu was fighting Palpatine. He was a master of the way of vaapad. He could reflect darkness. So the badder the Force used against him, it just gets thrown back to the attacker.

Obi-Wan is never mentioned in the Movies as the Greatest Master of sword technique Soresu, meaning he is a Master of defense. It was why he was chosen to lead the attack against Grievous.

Episode 4: A New Hope

Scene opens with a space battle. Darth Vader's ship was attacking a small diplomatic vessel. The diplomatic ship had intercepted plans for the Empire's new Battle Station. Vader captured Princess Leia but not before the young woman had commander her two droids to take the plans to the desert world of Tatooine and find General Obi-Wan Kenobi.

R2D2 and C3PO find themselves captured and sold to Farmer Owne Lars and his nephew Luke Skywalker.

R2 "accidentally" plays Princess Leia's "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are my only hope" line. Luke thinks she's pretty. R2 escapes. Luke and 3PO look for r2 in the desert. they find themselves attacked by Sandpeople. Obi-Wan rescues them.

Princess leia's message is played in full.

Obi-Wan was calling himself "Ben".

Obi-Wan gives look Anakin's lightsaber. tells Luke that Anakin was killed by Obi-Wan's pupil, Darth Vader who had turned to evil.

Luke prepares to take Obi-Wan to the spaceport but they ran to the Jawas that sold R2 and 3po to Luke. The storm troopers had killed the Jawas and Owen and Bru Lars. So without family, Luke agrees to join Obi-Wan in his quest.

At the spaceport they meet Han Solo and his partner, Chewbacca (Chewie). They agree to drive Luke and Obi-Wan to Alderaan.

Aboard the Death Star, Darth Vader tortured Princess Leia to reveal to him where the rebel base was. when his way of persuation failed, Governor Tarkin, Commander of the Death Star wanted to try his way. He threatened to destroy alderaan. Leia revealed that Dantooine was the secret base of the Rebels but since Tarkin argued that the planet Leia spoke of was too far off for anyone to notice, ordered Alderaan destroyed anyway.

Aboard the Millenium Falcon, Luke was learning the ways of the Force from Obi-wan.
They arrive at Aldraan to find it was no longer there.
The Falcon is captured by the Empire but our heroes hide in the Falcon's cargo hold.

Obi-Wan disables the tractor beam so that they could escape while Han and Luke rescue the princess.
They escape not until Obi-Wan bought them some time by sacrificing himself. Vader killed Obi-Wan while he was standing still.

The Falcon arrived at Yavin 4, the real secret base of the Alliance.

Han and Chewie return last minute to save Luke from Vader.

Death Star alive and fighters were sent to attack the Death Star. Luke uses the Force after hearing Obi-Wan's voice in his ears, shoots at the Death Star's exhaust port and blows up the warmachine.

Princess Leia awards Luke, Han,Chewie, R2D2, as heroes of the Rebellion.

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi Master
Luke Skywalker - Farm boy Jedi wannabe
Princess Leia Organa - Senator from Alderaan and Royal Princess of the House of Organa
Han Solo - Smuggler and owner of the Millennium Falcon
Chewbacca - Smuggler and Co-PIlot of the Millennium Falcon
Moff Tarkin - Governor and Commander of the Death Star
Darth Vader - Dark Lord of the Sith

Episode 5: Empire Strikes Back

Empire had been hunting down the rebels since the Death Star blew up. Rebels have taken shelter in a really frozen world of Hoth. One of the Empire's probes crashed on Hoth.
Rebels are just settling in.

Skywalker is out on patrol riding on a bipedal creature that looks like a cross between a camel and a dinosaur.

Luke is attacked by bear-like beast and falls unconscious

The Ghost of Obi-Wan appear to Luke telling him to go to Dagobah to Yoda.

Han Solo is talking to a Rebel General. He is leaving to pay off Jabba the Hut who he owes money.

Princess Leia is peeved. doesn't want him to go.

Solo discovers Luke hasn't returned yet. Goes out to the ice storm to fhind him in spite of warning that it was impossible to do so.

Solo finds Luke and keeps him alive until morning. Rescue party finds solo and skywalker.

Luke is rushed to sickbay and is saved

Empire finds the Rebels on Hoth but the Rebels discover them as the Empire's fleet was easily detected. Vader kills his Admiral in command for incompetence and appoints a new Admiral.

Battle of Hoth begins.
Imperial Army on planetary surface... Huge AT-ATs (Four legged Tank/Troop Carrier) led by General Veers.
Rebels evacuate. Skywalker heads to Dagobah to find Yoda. Solo and Leia aboard Falcon couldn't go to hyperspace. Falcon's drive, busted. Falcon finds itself in giant worm. escapes.

Emperor contacts Vader: The Son of Skywalker must not become a Jedi

Vader hires bounty hunters to find solo

Falcon is headed to Bespin, The Cloud City where Solo's friend Lando Calrisian was governor.

Luke crash lands on Dagobah.

Meets yoda who was acting like a nobody

Yoda takes Luke to his hovel.

Yoda says he is too old.

Obi-Wan convinces Yoda to take on Luke as a student

Yoda begins his most important training program for Luke Skywalker

Solo and company arrive on Bespin

Lando promises to have the Falcon fixed. Offers his hospitality to Solo, Leia, Chewie

Vader arrives at Cloud City. Captures Solo and company by using Lando to betray his friend. Tortures Solo. Lando tries to help leia and chewie. Discovers Solo, Leia and Chewie were bait for Luke Skywalker.

Skywalker faces his trial at the Cave. Fights a shadow reflection of himself. sees his face on the fallen darth vader image.

More training. Yoda teaches Luke to look in to the future. Luke has a vision of his friends being tortured. Luke couldn't get the vision out of his head, decided to rescue his friends.
Luke arrives at Cloud City.

Princess Leia tells Han Solo, "I love you". Han Solo replies, "I know".
Vader tests carbonite freeze on Solo and gives him to Fett to take back to Jabba the Hut in carbonite.

Vader and Luke fight. Luke holds his ground.

Vader users the full power of the darkside, slashes Luke's right hand and as Luke is in pain... Darth Vader tells him "Luke, I am your father". Luke in disbelief replies, "NNNNOO! that's impossible!" And jumps off hoping to die. But instead Luke falls through an air vent. From there he calls out to Leia and they take the Falcon to where luke was holding on to. They escape to space.

Final scene... Lando and Chewie is abaord the Falcon says they're going to find Solo. Luke flexes his new robotic hand.

Yoda compressed decades of Jedi Training in just few short weeks for Luke Skywalker, his greatest Student.
Luke proves his natural talent. He fought Vader to a near standstill with only a few months of lightsaber training.
Princess Leia and Han Solo declare their love for each other.
We learn Darth Vader is really Anakin Skywalker, Luke's dad.

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi Master
Luke Skywalker - Farm boy Jedi wannabe
Princess Leia Organa - Senator from Alderaan and Royal Princess of the House of Organa
Han Solo - Smuggler and owner of the Millennium Falcon
Chewbacca - Smuggler and Co-PIlot of the Millennium Falcon
Lando Calrisian - Governor of Cloud City
Yoda - Jedi Master in Exile on Dagobah
Obi-Wan Kenobi - Force Ghost

Episode 6: Return of the Jedi

The Second Death Star being constructed. Vader arrives to speed up construction.

Luke sends R2D2 and C3PO as "gifts" to Jabba the Hut to demonstrate his good intension as he speaks on behalf of Han Solo

Leia poses as a Bounty Hunter and brings in Chewie to be Jabba's Prisoner.

Lando poses as a guard in Jabba the Hut's entourage.

Leia frees Han from his carbonite freeze. Han is temporarily blind. Jabba makes Leia his slave girl (hence the much adored Princess Leia slave girl outfit)

Luke arrives at Jabba's palace in Black Cloak and Black Jedi Robes and pleads for Jabba to free Solo. Jabba laughs it off. Jedi Mind trick do not work on Hutts.

Luke is thrown into a Rancor pit. What's a rancor, think T-Rex, only uglier and hungrier.
Luke kills Rancor.

Jabba sentences Luke, Han, Chewie to be eaten alive by a giant worm (which is a geek nod to Dune's sandworm)

Everyone's in the desert, Luke gives Jabba one more chance to free them, or die. Obviously Jabba laughs it off.

R2D2 throws Luke's lightsaber hidden inside R2. Luke uses the Force to catch it and start to slash around and free his friends.

Leia breaks her chains and uses it to kill Jabba the Hutt.
They all escape. Solo's eye sight return. Luke goes to Dagobah while the rest return to the fleet.

The Emperor arrives at the Death Star. Senses that Vader wishes to continue his search for Skywalker. Palpatine says he should wait. Luke will come to them. He has foreseen it.

Luke arrives at Dagobah. Yoda is sick and dying. Yoda says "strong am i with the Force, but not that strong. Twilight is upon me, soon night must fall. that is the way of all things. The Way of the Force."

Luke asks Yoda if Darth Vader was his father. Yoda says, "Your father he is." Yoda explained that they were going to tell him when his training was complete. that Luke was not ready for the burden. But Luke had rushed off, did not complete his training.

Yoda tells Luke to pass on what he has learned. There must be new Jedi. That to complete his training, he must confront Darth Vader. Only then, will his training be complete, that Jedi he will be. Yoda also mentioned that there was another Skywalker. Yoda disappears into the Force. He was 900 years old.

Obi-Wan appears before Luke as a ghost. They talk. Luke asks who Yoda was referring to. Who is the other skywalker. Twin sister. Princess Leia was his sister. they were separated at birth to protect them from the Emperor.

Fast forward aboard the Rebel Flagship: Home One. Mon Mothma, Alliance Leader was briefing her team. The Emperor has made a critical error. They were to attack the Death Star.

General Han Solo would lead a commando raid on the Shield Generator protecting the Death Star.
General Lando Calrisian will lead command the Alliance Fighter Group
Admiral Ackbar would lead the Rebel Fleet

Everyone cheered when Luke volunteered to join Solo as part of the strike Force.
Solo gives Lando Command of his Falcon for the finish of the campaign. Lando promises to take care of Han's ship.

Solo,Chewie,Leia, Luke and the droids take a stolen Imperial Shuttle and make a jump to hyperspace. They were headed to Endor where the shield generator was.

Defolding from Hyperspace, the shuttle is blocked by Vader's Flagship. Vader tells his Admiral to let the ship pass.

Luke says he is endangering the mission. through the Force he could sense Vader and Vader could sense him.

Vader returns to the Death Star for an audience with the Emperor then off to Endor to wait for Luke.

Solo and crew engage the Imperials. they get lost in the forest. THey meet the Ewoks who join with the Rebels for the attack on the Empire.

Luke tells Leia that he is her brother. That He must go and meet with Vader. after a tearful goodbye, Luke leaves. Han Solo sees them and becomes jealous.
Luke surrenders to Vader.
"I see that you have constructed a new Lightsaber," Darth Vader said.
"Your thoughts betray you, Father".
"I see you have accepted the truth".
"I have accepted the truth that you were once, Anakin Skywalker, my father".
Vader brings Luke to the Emperor.

Solo begins assault on imperial shield generator.

Aboard the Death Star, the Emperor welcomes his new apprentice. He tries to temp Luke to strike him down. To use his anger and kill him. He reveals that it is all a trap. He allowed the Rebels to know of his supposed plans. He knows that the rebels are on the moon. It is all a trap. "All is lost" he tells luke.

On Endor, Solo's crew is ambushed by the Imperials.

Outside the Death Star the alliance fleet arrives and prepare to attack. Lando notices the star destroyers are not engaging. something is wrong. the shield is still up! Ackbar says they should retreat.

Suddenly, the Death Star fires at the Alliance. A frigate is destroyed. The Emperor is gloating. He had allowed the though that the Death Star was not complete. But it is fully operational.
The Alliance wants to jump to hyperspace. Lando says they will not get another shot and that Han will get the shield down. Lando tells the fleet to engage the star destroyers and to fight in close combat so the death star can't dare fire for fear they might hit their own ships. the brawl is on.

Luke finally surcombs to the temptation, uses the Force, pulls his lightsaber to his hand and he takes a swing at the Emperor. Vader blocks the strike with his lightsaber.

Luke and Vader fight. Luke uses the dark to hide. Vader searches for him, uses the Force. Vader discovers who Luke is protecting--- his sister! "Twins! Obi-Wan's failure is now complete! If you will not turn to the dark side, then perhaps, she will!" Luke breaks down and attacks Vader relentlessly. The attack astonishes vader and pushes him back. Luke would not let give ground and slashes his father's right hand.

"Good, good! Your Anger has made you powerful! Strike your father down and take his place by my side."

When Luke saw the horror at what he had done and the reminder of what his hand meant--- his own failure. Luke threw away his lightsaber. "You have failed your highness. I am a Jedi like my father before me."

"So be it, Jedi," and Palpatine sent out Force lightning at Luke. Luke pleads to Vader to help him. Vader seeing his son hurt turns against the Emperor and throws him over the railings and into a vent. A wave of dark energy floods out as the Emperor died.

On Endor, Han Solo's crew manages to free themselves and blow up the shield generator.

The alliance forces noticing the shield is down, makes their play for the Death Star. Lando leads the attack. Admiral Ackbar orders his ship to concentrate all their firepower at Vader's Flagship, the Executor. The Imperial Flaghship gets hit by an A-Wing at the Bridge and falls on the Death Star blowing up.

Luke takes off Vader's helmet at his request. Vader says, "Tell your sister you were right" And Anakin Skywalker died.

Luke takes Vader's armor back to the ship and heads out to Endor.
Lando takes his fighters in and launches an attack at the Death Star's core. It sets of a chain reaction. BOOM! and they rush out, just in time.

Boom! like a supernova the Death Star goes.

Leia looks up the sky at the exploding death star. Solo is jealous. thinks Leia is in love with Luke. Leia tells him, Luke is her brother.

Luke takes Vader's armor and burns it.

Celebration across the galaxy. the emperor is dead!

Massive party at the Ewok village. Luke sees his mentors: Obi-Wan, Yoda and his Father as force ghosts.

All is well.

To pop culture: Princess Leia's Slave Girl Costume. Seriously.

Actress Yvonne Strahovski being interviewed wearing Princess Leia Bikini

Anakin Skywalker was redeemed because he sacrificed his life for his son.
For a Jedi war is not always the right option. Sometimes not fighting is fighting enough. The Jedi also turned Sith weapons against them.