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Monday, April 14, 2008

Big News! Big Announcement! Filipino Voices Goes Public!

Loud and Clear

Filipino Voices goes public today. It is a collaboration between bloggers from, The Philippine Experience, Jester In Exile, The Nutbox, Arbet @ AWB Holdings, New Philippine Revolution, Uniffors, Smoke, Big Mango (this blog), Philippine Commentary, Lester Cavestany, and The Warrior Lawyer. This new site is a collective voice on politics, news and social commentary.

With the launching of Filipino Voices, comes a writing project. You decide on the issue, in your own words, in your own style that everyone can participate in.

To find out more, visit Filipino Voices.


Jenny said...

Very Informative!!!!!!!!


Cocoy said...

thanks. don't forget to visit filipino voices and i hope you get to participate there.