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Friday, March 07, 2008

Apple is going after Blackberry's Lunch

(Updated, -1) There is blood in the water: Microsoft's, Sony's, Nintendo's and Research in Motion's blood. If there is any doubt that Apple is a shark and is about to eat and have Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Research in Motion for lunch--- the Apple March 6 Event launching iPhone's Software Development Kit is that proof.

Let's start with the most obvious. Apple's crosshairs has locked on Research in Motion. With Apple licensing ActiveSync thereby giving it access to Microsoft Exchange servers, iPhone and sister iPod Touch just laid down any doubt that they are players on the Enterprise.

Has Microsoft realized what it has done?

Enterprises don't need a third party to push their services. iPhone just cut that middle man (RIMM) off. iPhone can have direct access to Exchange servers. Enterprises, and email addicts will now ask, why should they pay for Blackberry service when they can provide it all in house, with cheaper infrastructure and less complexity?

And as more and more people come to become addicted and married to their Blackberry iPhone, enter the second coming of the Halo Effect. Apple's push to eat Microsoft's lunch is far more insidious, far more subtle than its attack on RIMM. iPhone is positively viral.

Giving Apple access to ActiveSync and Exchange servers maybe the nail that signs Microsoft dominance on the Enterprise. Coupled with growing discontent with Windows by businesses everywhere, this push towards the Enterprise by Apple via iPhone will increase adaptability of the rest of Apple's more consumer oriented line.

Who was it who said Apple isn't interested on the Enterprise?

What Apple is doing against Microsoft, this is guerilla warfare at its finest. Apple is trying to get inside the Enterprise through the backdoor. They want to get people addicted first to this one device.

What Apple is doing is turing iPhone into spice like Dune spice. Just like any drug for that matter. First they give you a taste, and you find you can't live without it. You'll say, "This is great. I want more. then you go, more, more".

If it's that good, could it be evil?

Pretty soon employees will be banging demanding like a rabid mob in front of the IT department's door: we want Macs.


Okay, maybe not that crazy, but you get the picture.

The other set Apple is out to get is Sony and Nintendo. With Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch displaying such advanced game play as was demoed in their March 6 event, the PSP and the DS are definite targets.

Heck, iPhone can run Spore-- positively one of the most awaited game of the year. (Update-1) Whether or not EA launches Spore on the iPhone platform is of course another issue but beside the point. Macworld confirmed that EA is launching Spore, other games on iPhone. The advanced features of iPhone like the accelerometer gives game play a different interface. Just look at the Wii. Rock, roll--- or whatever the game designers can come up with.

Wonder if LucasArts will have The Force Unleashed on this baby?

iPhone is a game changer, more than I thought it was. iPhone is the one device that lets you work and play. It is a convergence and general purpose device so much like the PC.

When iPhone was launched, I first thought this was going to be the beginning of the UMPC era... that iPhone would be the grandfather of the UMPC, let me be the first to correct myself: this is UltraMobile Computing, right here, right now. This is what Bill Gates has been lusting about with his Tablet PC craze. iPhone is what every person should have.

Forget any other device that fits right in between the iPhone and a Macbook. iPhone is that device. iPhone is that platform. If there is anymore doubt as to the authenticity of this claim, just point your browser to iFund where KPCP is looking for market and game changing ideas on the iPhone platform to fund. This to me is the most important aspect of the March 6 Event that solidifies this platform as the device we are looking for.

I don't mean to be a backseat driver but the only thing Apple can do wrong now is that if it lets iPhone be married to a single carrier. Forget negotiating with a carrier: set iPhone free in the markets you haven't entered just yet. Don't worry if it eats iPod's lunch. Let it spread across different frontiers and with this device on every continent it will take the world by storm. It already is happening, underground. The developers will come from across the planet and the revenue you lose by being married to a carrier will be taken over by the App Tax you get on every download. iPhone is viral.

Okay, maybe it isn't that simple. There are complicated arrangements with every country on frequency and such and their local laws and communications commissions. Can we collectively shout out, "damn, bureaucracy!"

For Apple, they've come full circle with iPhone. Without a doubt, Apple has learned the lesson of the Machintosh and is applying it to this new revolution. iPhone is the new Cellphone. iPhone is the new iPod. iPhone is the new Macintosh. iPhone is the PC of the 21st Century. iPhone is truly a personalized computing experience. iPhone is a game changer.

Updated: Don't believe me? Fake Steve gives a clear point: Happy now, bitches?