Friday, February 08, 2008

Those Who Sit on the Throne

As a boy, I was told that "where there is smoke, there is fire". You might have been told the same thing as well. This little kernel of truth came to mind today, amidst this whole hoopla about ZTE, and the alleged involvement of the First Gentleman and several high ranking officials of the Arroyo Government. 

Before anybody get bright ideas on "rebellion talk" or "goodbye PGMA", and least you get all excited about the possibility with these revelations about ZTE being the "beginning of the end" for the Arroyos. We've all been down that road before.  
This is just round one. Again.
My guess is this whole thing is over even before the hearings even began.
When you really, really think about it, there's nothing new is there? Same old allegations come to light.  Different branding, sure. but at it's heart, it still is one's word over another. No incriminating paper trail, at least not yet has come to light. And amidst all this, the common folk in the street grumble at the sheer blatant way those in power exercise their power.  
Take those moves made on Congressman de Venecia a few days ago.  If one looks at it as a test of loyalty and as benchmark for a possible new wave of impeachment attempt, you'd know any such attempt would be futile. The Arroyos have covered their bases. 
For all the years the Arroyos have been in power, nothing seem to stick. One would at least suspect there was a fire amidst all this smoke.  There must be some kernel of truth. Still nothing. None of these scandals, these attempts at power grab have had any dire effect on the First Family. Nothing, at least, so far. It's as if the Arroyos were made of Teflon. Truth be told, one can not help but admire such successful batting average.  
One would think, if only such skills could be translated to providing better opportunities for our people, it would be a better world. wouldn't it?
Oh don't get me wrong, I suspect most of our people would want nothing more than for the Arroyos to leave, but what good would that do, five, ten steps down the road? 
These days, our people's willingness to perform any extra-constitutional action is in such low numbers, save perhaps so dire, so severe as nearing the end of the world proportions. It is highly unlikely a rebellion could spring up. I'd like to think that this maturity from our people comes from wisdom. Nothing good can be gained by going down to the level of those in government who subvert civility. 
Our people are not idiots.
Our people may not voice it out but somehow, I suspect they prefer to invest into their own future. In plain speak: they have better things to do, more pressing matter to attend to like feeding their kids and sending them to school than rebellion that gives nothing back save more headache and more pain and only profit for those who sit on the throne.