Friday, February 01, 2008

Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo!

WOW!!!! I didn't think this would ever happen. Marketwatch reported that Microsoft of Seattle, Washington,  behemoth of a company has offered to buy search under-performer Yahoo for $44.6 bln in cash, stock. it's one of those rare fanboy-wish-list thingy. you know... in that same realm of possibility as wishing that Apple buy Sun, kinda thing. 

if there was ever a corporate culture so similar--- it would be Yahoo! and Microsoft. And no that wasn't a compliment. 
this is... the end of an era, if it ever pushes forward. Finally, someone's going to put Yahoo to pasture (good riddance, if i may add). Will this be the beginning of the end for Microsoft? hardly. Threat to the juggernaut that is Google? It would be good to see some competition in the field of search and competition can only mean good things for you and me.