Monday, December 17, 2007

Hack: Wiimote used Beyond Gaming, any surface becomes electronic whiteboard. Awesome!

johnney chung lee's site (for the software)


John said...

saw this on youtube, cool no? hehehe oldman, what do you think i should get a wii,an xbox360, or a ps3? (Given that I would love a mac...)

Cocoy said...


wii! if you can lay your hands on it. that controller is way too awesome.

ps3 is a good and distant 2nd choice... for me anyway.

Cocoy said...

sorry, i didn't notice your mac comment...

well if it's gaming you're after... the consoles would be a great fit.

for a computer, a mac, if you can. i switched two years ago to the mac, and it has been an awesome ride! imho, as a desktop, xp and linux both are nothing compared to os x.

the cheapest mac is the mini... at 40k-ish i believe the local price is.