Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Windows 7, MiniWin and Virtualization (Updated)

MinWin - Microsoft internal only project. I like the asci windows flag. MinWin is shown here running via MS Virtual PC.

(Updated with screenshot) -Vista isn't selling like hot potatoes, but Microsoft isn't stopping in building the next generation Windows, called (for now with the lackluster nomenclature) Windows 7. Long Zheng posted Eric Traut talks (and demos) Windows 7 and MinWin . Not for the casual user, the post has an hour long presentation--- highly technical discussion on Microsoft's virtualization technology. Though the video (in windows media format and streamed via vimeo) didn't feature Windows 7, it did talk about a smaller footprint Windows kernel, called MiniWin. According to the post, this new kernel for now is an internal build and may find itself in Windows 7. It also has a nice walk down memory lane. Virtualization of course is the reason why i'm looking at this.