Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Jaiku Blaze

Nothing speaks louder than being bought by the Boys and Girls from Google. Today, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Google bought Jaiku. For many people--- beyond the no-corners of the Interwebby, nobody cares who or what jaiku is. Well--- Jaiku is Twitter's less famous relative. It is best described as micro-blogging, which is kinda like what a haiku is to a poem, where the poem is a blog and the micro-blogging is the haiku.

Jaiku and Twitter are like mush-ups of text messages and instant messages--- they're online sure, but you can get them on your phone or on your favorite messenger like Adium/Pidgin. With so many ways to send out information, a consolidation is great--- so I love the fact that a great feature of Jaiku is the ability to well, add feeds to your timeline. Like this blog is now live on Jaiku. Also, by being able to send to twitter via twitterific my tweets--- they cascade to my Adium status, which broadcasts to my yahoo messenger, google talk and of course, my facebook status. There are also channels to jaiku like the twit channel, for instance. The channels for instance is not a feature found on twitter, which clearly, the design intent of jaiku is very google--- it is all about information.

Another great way to procrastinate? Too big brother? Think of it as another way to stay in touch, make more friends and interact with the ones you already have. After all, you don't have to post every detail of your day. Totally left-field here, did i forget to mention the green and white theme would sit very well with Archers?