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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Housewife Disses Philippine Medical Schools

(Updated, Update-2) Do you love your Flame Wars? Today, I've been getting instant messages and links to the Desperate Housewife comment about Philippine Medical Schools. The consensus really is that it hit a nerve. We've been dissed yet again (remember Claire Daines)?

One of the links that my friends sent me to was a clip of the episode. The woman was talking to the doc. the gynecologist was telling her about menopause. woman goes into denial and asks for his medical diploma because she wanted to verify that it wasn't from a Philippine Medical school. She was menopausal, which "caused her craziness" and ergo, her reply. The writers just pissed off menopausal women and Philippine Medical schools. That won't sit well with a lot of people (via jon on twitter).

My guess is, one of the writers must have been treated by a doctor from the Philippines or maybe dumped by one or heck, none of the above. I have many friends who are doctors and my family has gotten its bread and butter from the medical business. I should be one of those people who should be pissed. The housewife line, I concede, may be racist but the show is "satire" and it is freedom of expression. You also can't but help say that there may be something to it as well and maybe thats why it has hit a nerve. Anyway, just imagine how much the Clintons, the Bushes, the Paris Hiltons, the Erap Estradas and the Arroyos of the world feel like. It may hit a nerve for a lot of people but this is just American humor, sometimes, it is demeaning. Still don't like it? Don't watch it. That's called freedom of choice.

Updated: Clicking here will take you to an online petition for an apology. thanks to rdyent on instant messenger for the heads up to that link and for reminding me that from a Doc's perspective, they thrive on the currency of their credentials and that when people start doubting that, that's about it for their practice.

Update-2: Jon sent a tweet that ABC has apologized.