Friday, September 21, 2007

An Episode of ZTE

(updated) I have been following the stellar coverage and commentary by Ricky Carandang Reporting, MLQ3's The Daily Dose/Inquirer Current and Philippine Commentary on the latest scandal the Arroyo Administration has found itself neck deep in. The whole thing stinks of politics, and greed.

For those not in the know, these hearings can be an eye opener on how those in power--- whoever they may be --- conduct affairs of state or lack thereof. Example, take this line of questioning from Senator Santiago, as she asked Secretary Mendoza a few questions. It was highly entertaining, if you ask me. Here's an excerpt from MLQ3's liveblogging the cootie grooming session:

Santiago: No official made a follow up on ZTE with you?

Mendoza: No, M’am

S: No one broached it all all?

M: Well, ah, it’s practice for people to inquire

(my emphasis: btw and well put, Secretary Mendoza! indeed, normal in the course of business in this country... back to the transcript)

S: So that’s your historical experience. So it’s discretion as the better part of valor

So any public official who made follow-ups with you?

M: Well uh, maybe on AHI…

S: Amsterdam?

M: Well, the son was introduced to me by the father…

S: Speaker?

M: Yes.

S: What did he say?

M: Well, that the thing is good for the county…

S: Well, to be seen if that’s a violation of law. But you are saying it was Speaker who introduced his son to you at Wack-Wack?

M: No, earlier part of 2007, at Speaker’s house where he invited me for breakfast and then introduced his son?

S: All of a sudden, saying this is my son of whom I am well pleased…
Senator Santiago is funny. What will Philippine Politics be without her?

Anyway, since The West Wing has ended its run, I have been looking for a political drama that is both engaging as well as entertaining. Our local political soap hearing, is oddly entertaining.

Come to think of it... this all reminds me of a page from Checkmate issue 18, by Rucka, Bennett and Jadson. The Black King, Taleb Beni Khald, the White King Michael Holt discuss the White Queen (Amanda Waller)'s illegal activities (see image to your left). It's the same as suspecting dinosaurs have feathers as the experts have done, but no one could prove, until of course this discovery that velociraptors have quill knobs. My point being, knowing and proving are two different things, just like many of the darn scandals in the Philippines.

Ricky Carandang asked a good question in his A House Divided post: A whistleblower from within. A divided cabinet. An angry president. A beleaguered first gentleman. A majority coalition in the Lower House that could unravel. What’s next?

This is just a huge guess on how this series inquiry will end. At the end of all this hoopla, just like any other episode scandal to rock Arroyo's Administration and every administration before this, no one actually goes to jail.

And no, please don't flag Mr. Estrada's conviction (tarnished by politics, as it is) as proof people who abuse their power and position can go to jail. For all we know, years down the line, he'll be "vindicated" by a Supreme Court.

(updated) That said, I wonder if someone would do a video for the Arroyos or the Estradas like this great video from iJustine on Steve Jobs:

On second thought, it wouldn't be as good as iJustine's video.

Seriously, will these hearings change the way people do business and manage state affairs in the Philippines? Forgive my cheekiness but that's like asking if tomorrow the Sun will rise. In the mean time, could someone please pass the popcorn? Thanks. This soap, (darn keyboard!) hearing and leave Britney Steve Jobs alone is keeping me entertained until next Monday, when Heroes returns!


DJB Rizalist said...

Think maybe velociraptors tasted like chicken or turkey?

Cocoy said...

hmm. i'm hoping for turkey.