Saturday, August 04, 2007

Power and Water: The Lack Thereof

Insane really, like those driving our ship-of-state can't see from a kilometer away where the bloody road would lead, where every Filipino with decent intelligence can predict what happens when supplies run dry but demand continues to increase? We have been having water crisis here and there for the past 20 years. we have had an experience with power loss in the last 20 years. surely, it doesn't take a doctorate in economics to figure that we need more power and more water.

No power translate to "saying goodbye to (any) economic gain" because quite frankly all those call centers need juice to power their computers, Internet connection not to mention the air-conditioning needed to cool those workstations and the servers that lay hidden in the background. Least we forget Starbucks and Figaro's--- we need those places and they require power and water.

It is also kind of insane to think that the problem of Metro Manila with getting its water from dams has been a prominent problem for years. There are existing technologies like desalination plants in conjuncture with better water conservation policies should have been implemented years ago. With our fair metropolis's perennial problem with flooding, surely there are things we can invest on that will solve such problem at the same time--- given we also need irrigation, provide the same to our farm lands.

Set aside the fact that true energy independence, or for that matter resource independence is a key to surviving in the new world order, the high cost of electricity and its continued dwindling of supply has been an issue on the table for years, yet nobody seem to be worried about it. Certainly, it was not an issue during any of the past elections. There has been the lack of interest in pursuing an Energy Agenda that not only reduces the current high cost of electricity but will ensure our economy continues to grow. In true Filipino fashion, based on the moment we are worried sick about power and water.

Perhaps it is time to switch the channel and just watch for the "news" item about which actress who sleeps with who or that soap that runs daily.

Seriously, we're also more concerned about power and the grabbing of more of it in the halls of Congress or the Palace. Well and good--- Power (not the energy kind) is good but when we just go for it for its own sake, what good does Power for Power's sake do? Then again, I guess Alfred Pennyworth talking to Bruce Wayne can really explain why people driving our ship of state are in it for Power's sake. He said: "Some men aren't looking for anything logical. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn."