Monday, August 06, 2007

Fake Steve is Out

Why does the world keep doing this?! Why does it kill our sense of Childlike wonder!?! Will the days of lambasting the Beastmaster be just memory, archived for all prosperity in the uber-clusters of google? Must we too, bid farewell to Squirrel Boy?!

End of an era, I tell you.

Why, New York Times?! Why out Fake Steve Jobs--- that blogger extraordinaire we all look forward to each morning for a good laugh? I dunno if he'll still be that funny knowing who's writing. The mystery was part of the fun, the secret sauce of fsj's appeal as he relentlessly gave us pieces of his mind against the Freetards of the World. Who cared, who did the blog? We cared only so far that it drove loads of people crazy to find out and made us laugh each morning.

Guess, all good things must come to an end.

Hopefully on Tuesday, we'll wake up to a renewed sense of Childlike wonder, as Apple cranks up the Reality Distortion Field, and make us remember! And perhaps, FSJ's promise after sitting in a lake for a few days and doing some yoga, he may be back, really badder than ever, even though he's out. Only time will tell, if he will continue to be funny.