Friday, August 24, 2007

Altruism Can Bring You In Front of the Line

So I was cleaning out my hard drive today. Lots of messy files littering around, a few cobwebs here and there and in a bid to free up more space, I ran across a few TED videos i haven't had time to see. Some I deleted, even a few old podcasts and vlogs i've seen. Quite a few, I quickly browsed through. Long story short, Allison Hunt's TEDTalk kinda intrigued me. 

"What the heck," I said to myself, it was only six minutes or so. 

Allison talked about how in Canada, they have free healthcare and how "free" is what you get. Her story is more than that and in a nutshell, she summed it up by saying: "even when a Canadian cheats the system, they do it in a way that benefits society."

Click the video about to play or download the video here.