Friday, July 13, 2007

telekinesis makes iphone more cool

it that at all possible? can you make the iPhone, even more cool!?! 

google has a new code project: Telekinesis.  its purpose?  (copied from the project code page):
  • Stream music and videos from your computer
  • Screen capture with mouse click and basic typing support
  • Simple iTunes Remote control
  • Browse your files
  • Run applescript remotely
  • iSight image capture
  • Basic Spotlight search
  • Easily create and add more apps
PC users... sorry this little code wonder is for Mac-iPhone users. 

When you have a mac... this is certainly one ginormous excuse to get an iPhone... just when you've convinced yourself iPhone's a frivolous expense... maybe the 6th gen iPod will be iPod+internet browser sans phone...