Saturday, July 07, 2007

LiveEarth: 7-7-7

LiveEarth wants to raise awareness about Global Warming. For 24 hours today (7-7-07) across the planet, a music event comes together hoping to help change the world.

Not in any of the places where the Concerts are?

You can watch the Stream over at LiveEarth.

Updated: LiveEarth's done. It was a great day for music. Even got to sample some Chinese and Japanese music (albeit very briefly). It was good. reminded me of anime music, especially the Japanese one.

Logically, doing all you can to improve power efficiency and all that makes sense--- even if you aren't a treehugger. cost v. performance is always a good scale to measure things with. LiveEarth, no matter what the critics say, makes sense in that regard. The trade off--- living harmoniously with the rest of the Earth is good. after all... would you destroy your house if you live in it?

Economically? It is now better to be energy efficient, to be environmentally sane (though the treehuggers have always said it was so). No matter which side of the fence you are on, it is practical to be building and using environmentally sound products and technology, like using more energy efficient computers for example because they also bring operating costs down and raises performance.