Tuesday, May 15, 2007

where is the gpu love, apple?

Infinite Loop and most Apple-oriented news site are reporting that Apple announced new Macbooks! Sadly, it seems unfit for most Apple pro consumers. Processor-wise, it's fast. It has bigger ram, bigger hard drives and better price. Where it lacks is the GPU department.

Perhaps we were expecting too much?

Everyone's been dreaming of a 12" Powerbook replacement. the Macbook, small as it is at 13" or so, 5.1 pound self and with its lousy gpu just isn't it.

For those of you who've never used a laptop or never commuted with one: the smallest and lightest notebook you can find is the best. it also needs to deliver near-desktop quality performance in such a small space:
  • capable of running presentation software;
  • software demo;
  • capable of on site client/project--- retouches;
  • standard browsing capabilities and network connection;
  • media viewing when you're away from home;
  • bang for your buck price;
After having gone through two notebooks--- i've learned that notebooks supplement desktops. of course it isn't for some people--- notebooks have become their primary machine. If ever given a choice--- i'd prefer having two machines--- a desktop and a notebook and in the absence of such a choice, having a well-balanced notebook: good enough 64-bit dual core cpu, above average gpu and 5 pounds or less weight would be most ideal.

Given the revamped Macbook's lackluster spec, we can safely determine that it can not be a replacement for the 12" powerbook. it is after all a consumer product and not a pro-consumer one and must be treated and judged as such.