Monday, May 14, 2007

Where All Roads Lead

I have ink on my fingers like many Filipinos today. There are myriad reason, we each have our own. For some--- it doesn't matter who wins, only that they exercised their right, after all what's different? The why matters less than the act of exercising your right and that's the difference each of our vote makes. For me--- it was because one can not simply disavow or divorce private enterprise, private initiative from Democracy or for that matter Citizenship. You've got to be part of the positive discourse and affirmative action, and by voting, you commit yourself as a citizen: you've skin in the game.

When the pundits finally finish analyzing today, we see its results: that would be the most interesting piece of information. It would be good for our people to understand the intricate web we weave and give us an idea where we have gone, and the road we choose to proceed in.

As the polls close and the sun sets on this day, the journey for 2010 begins and that is the more important factoid. The quality of the road we build will be important. Will we Filipinos be ready? All roads lead to 2010.