Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A New Hegemony?

Is it genius or really stupid? David Pogue wrote about an email From Apple, A Welcome Reminder--- that he hasn't cashed in a gift certificate on the iTunes store.

interesting indeed: genius marketing strategy?

moving on: excellent, it is official! Wikipedia on Ratholes, wrote Merlin Mann of 43Folders. (who hasn't heard of those guys?) Indeed, rathole moments are the best part of every MacBreak Weekly!

Finally got around to finish rereading Louis V. Gerstner's book where he asked: "who says elephants can't dance?" and i've been mulling on these words of his:
make connections to the past without going backward; continue to drive change while building on the best and only the best [p.282]
While he used those words to describe the job "for Chief Executive Officer, International Business Machines Corporation," I think it remains true for just about any leadership position or entrepreneurial path.

Lastly, here is Charles Leadbeater in his TEDTalk about innovation and who he calls the Professional Amateurs. One the interesting things he brought up was this idea that going towards the future, we will find this mixing of the old ideas--- closed systems and the open source movement and this mash up will create exciting new paradigms and models.

download here in zip/mp4 format

Will a mash-up of the cathedral and the bazaar create a new hegemony and spur greater innovation?