Sunday, April 15, 2007

netvibe and zeitgeist

Today, i got into netvibes via a digg story. netvibes is a site that consolidates all your feeds into one page. believe you me, if your feeds are like mine (i.e. chaotically crazy)--- you'd be looking for a way to look at it once and in one place.

Having too many feeds was one reason i have been test driving google reader for the past couple of weeks and it just pain rocks. And it took only one look at netvibes to see this could be an answer to making sense of it all.

netvibes has a widget for weather--- i don't have to keep running to dashboard, which is really a pain to do for Manila weather for some reason (mine more likely is).

This thing allows me to read my gmail and my yahoo mail. ok, not exactly yahoo mail because, it could be done only if i bothered to pay yahoo's pop mail tax, which i'm happy to report isn't going to happen anytime soon so the only reason i still have a yahoo account is because of yahoo messenger, where a lot of my un-enlightened (to the power of google) friends are. gmail and yahoo... yahoo just plain sucks. all right... thats neither there nor here. moving on... it has plugins for aim, hotmail, .mac...

netvibes even has a plugin-thingy for meebo. meebo--- quite frankly is uber-useful when out and about and you just pain need to communicate.

netvibes has windows for search--- google, yahoo (cringes), ask, etc. it even has tabs--- and i've started to organize mine. one for email, one for meebo... and i'll figure something out for the others. talk about organization! news feeds, to-do list, digg, flickr, technorati, youTube, blog, video search, this thing has it. you can even create your own. pretty nifty, if you ask me.

which reminds of another nifty place on the net that i rarely visit: google's zeitgeist. so i clicked this on google's zeitgest page. it's the top gaining queries for march 2007 for the philippines.
is this what people from the philippines are interested about these days?
screen shot's mine, pardon if it's a bit blurry, click on it to see the whole list

netvibes offers an excellent opportunity to organize the information for you. personally, i hope google acquires them, they seem to be in the same business: organizing information. in a world where it is increasingly becoming like swimming amidst a torrent of information, having just one place to look at data as netvibe has done is only half the battle. information requires an excellent workflow-- like looking at your feeds and email and messages at certain times in the day and only at certain times to keep from going crazy, not to mention distracted.