Friday, March 16, 2007

yawns, again

why all the hoopla about the Philippines being most corrupt?! isn't there a saying, where there's smoke, there's fire? i've been hearing how this country is corrupt since i don't know when it is not. does a degree of separation between corrupt and most corrupt, matter?


its like an heroin addict saying, he's not an addict.

why don't you stop shaving off a bit from your taxes? Or greasing the palm of some official to get your driver's license out, asap. teach your kids the value of ethics! if this country is corrupt or most corrupt, it is because you and me, have made it to be so.

you want that label of being corrupt to change?! we've got that power. break the damn status quo! and get our act together.


benign0 said...

It's just like the time Claire Danes after undergoing a shoot in Manila expressed how filty a city Manila is.

Needless to say there was a lot of hoopla about that too.

Pinoys are so onion skinned. That is why change never happens. We are too unreflective as a people.

Cocoy said...

to be fair to ms. danes, she was right. manila was a filthy city. you could smell it in the air. its different now... a bit cleaner, though i've only pass through the city lately and not actually lived in it.

and you're right. Filipinos tend to look at criticism like that negatively when they should be looking at it positively.

you know there will always be corruption. no one has created an organization that doesn't have corruption. its part of human nature and its always difficult to change/legislate human nature.

i've had to wait 8 hours for a drivers license in a city outside of manila. it took less than 15 minutes to get the required (and needless to say utterly useless drug test and medical exam). but it took 8 hours waiting for the license to be released. in fact several family members who are residents of that city told me that i should have told them i was getting my drivers license and they'd pull strings. no big deal for them.

but you know, i'm proud that i didn't. i got my driver's license that day. it took 8 hours or so but hey, i didn't bribe someone to get it. i didn't even have to encourage people to give my paper a boost. i can't say though for the people who'd put in their application on top of mine, constantly.