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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Normal is the Watchword

It has been a relatively calm week. Perhaps due to the long holiday--- most people have come to play catch up with the many more important matters that need to be addressed. Take MLQ3 and the PCIJ are at a bloggers' convention, important issues are being discussed. And of course in this age wherein our Freedom is being attacked across cyberspace with issues like preferential treatment for high-speed access on the Internet, it is of great importance to raise awareness of the issues like what IPAC is doing.

The unconstitutional nature of Executive Order 463 was the high point of the week--- and a welcome one at that. Still conspiracy theory abound, perhaps we are merely being setup for a more pro-government stance on several outstanding issues of note on the Supreme Court’s table. Who can say in this madness we call country? After all, this is a land wherein the Supreme Court can simply give someone a slap on the wrist.

The Senate in its infinite Wisdom wants to continue to probe scandals and maybe we can cheer, when they come up with more than mere sound and fury. “Dull” is the watchword.

Over the past week also, pinoy in answer to my post on "Who Has It?" is advocating we rally behind the Flag. We certainly need to respect and honour our Flag better. No matter how we put it and in spite of an improving economic record this country perhaps it’s time the Philippines tried democracy. While it is true, the oligarchy truly runs this country, perhaps we need to take a step back and look at ourselves more clear and try Construing the Philippines.

It would also be nice if every person in this country could watch The West Wing, while fictional offers insights into how the most powerful nation on Earth is ran and how their politics works.

On more serious matter, also of note this week is the increasing cost of
Oil. I wonder if Toyota could get the Prius over here... and maybe Congress and PGMA should start looking for ways to save on Fuel, get better at finding and supporting, cheaper alternative sources of Power. The good news is that at least we are not yet paying US$3 a gallon like they do in California. Not yet anyway. With a per capita income like this country has, we probably couldn't afford it. That said, it would have been nice to have money on the futures market given this record breaking prices. The reality is, we can do nothing to change the price of oil in like manner we can't command the Sun to rise and set at will.

Moving on, an issue of note this past week is the national id system. If you ask me, a good idea to consolidate records. I mean, how many identification cards would you want? Passport, check. Driver's id, check. SSS/GSIS id check. PhilHealth Card, check; TIN, check. Cost, priceless. How many times do you have to be identified? Pretty soon you have similar database records that tell you just about the same thing and when something goes wrong--- an accident for instance and a doctor or nurse would need your blood type or some useful information, its just not there. Or how else are we going to help police round up criminals or help prevent crime before it even happens?

Ordinary citizens that do nothing to break the law have nothing to fear. if you say a government can abuse that kind of power, well yes they can. would you rather save cost and make things more efficient than follow some perceived paranoia, of which can be averted by putting safe guards in data keeping, and in electing good people you trust into office? Speaking of which, such method could be an excellent shibbroleth. That said, Father Bernas has an enlightening column about The Shibbroleth of Separation of Church and State.

With Shibbroleth in mind, the most important story happened at the start of the week. We were greeted by the a blanket pardon for many criminals on death row. I still firmly believe what the President did was reckless and ill advised. granted it is admirable to save lives rather than destroy it, such action that she did, does not in anyway become justice for the victim and the convicted. it only served to show how we discard our law just without a moment's pause and how little we think of victims of violence. the best and most effective way is to have the Death Penalty Law repealed and until such day sadly, it must be enforced. To provide such blanket pardon, Executive Clemency becomes, whether true or not, a political tool, a coin to appease Church leaders and thus, we become a people who believe in bribing our way and not a people who who value compassion. what a good way to commemorate death and resurrection.

Looking back the past week, guess dull wasn't the watchword. Well,
dull only for the Senate. Normal is the Watchword.