Sunday, February 26, 2006

Infinite Crisis


It is the third day the Philippines is under a State of National Emergency. What has changed exactly?

The President still can't inspire us to rally behind her, even if she commands all media. Those Opposed to the President have still not stepped up and their strategy and tactics remain shrouded in the past, all righteousness, all sound and fury signifying nothing. And the people remain apathetic. such is a state of national emergency.

after all for the common folk what is there to fear?

who cares if they could not call for the downfall of Gloria or raise their fists in fury? they never had a voice anyway. the poor have neither justice nor voice as Randy David himself witnessed while locked up. Who cares who sits on the Presidential Throne? Who cares if people call her President. Empress or Dictator. Its all the same isn't it? With forces established around Major Media Centers, who could call her names? Then again, after all, to most people no one has cared about raising their lot or their children's and provide for them every opportunity to triumph over poverty.

that's a crime we all are guilty of. a crime we who can has helped perpetuate whenever we bribe even a single traffic official, even when we use influence and money to get our way no matter how petty.

tomorrow the markets will open. they never did close, what a hogwash a state of emergency is! last Friday: stocks were traded. the peso was exchanged. people even went about their business as protesters flooded Makati and Arroyo fortified the Presidential Palace last Friday. tomorrow, forces opposed to the Arroyo rule will begin forming ranks, united in their opposition, if not personal agendas and as crackdowns continue. tomorrow, legal minds will do battle in the halls of justice and they will without a doubt battle for and against proclamation 1017. tomorrow, centers of freedom of speech remain threatened as to what to report or not. tomorrow, the poor will still be hungry just as they were before Proclamation 1017 or EDSA for that matter.

We go forward, we fall back, in a perpetual loop! Such Infinite Crisis!

righteousness only goes so far because after a dictator falls, we go our separate ways, apathetic once more. and that is the greater evil.

Apathy is the cancer that eats at our people's morality. And here we be, divided not in our goal to establish the future but how to get there. divided by our personal interests, parasites! we are divided by our righteousness that can not feed the poor neither raise their dignity.

Left. Middle. Right. Government. Opposition. Business, Military, Media, Church and State.

our people care about one thing! economic prosperity. and if anything we have learned in the history of the world empowerment comes from the ability to change one's future.

battle for our people's hearts and minds! rally them with ideas on how to make this country better! how to build a nation based on justice. not false hope or be used like props and decoy, as dummies. but above all, deliver. execute. It is time those of us who have more, carry the burden of lifting our peopel's dignity, that can only be attained by empowering them every opportunity to be better. righteousness be damned.

that's what a state of emergency ought to be about!

Update: i personally disagree with the tactics being employed by Mrs. Arroyo. Prior to 1017, she already had the power to lockup rebels, yet she did not. She does not need such proclamation to secure the Republic. The President of the Republic has long had the ability to suppress insurgency using legitimate tools of governance--- economic, sociopolitical and military might, yet she has likewise failed to do so. 1017 is only creating more divide and only the enemies of the Republic gain from our continued infighting.

However to join the clamor of ousting her, to walk the streets in righteous fury without clearly defined plans for what comes after the Arroyo Regime, without ensuring that the least of Filipinos everywhere have better Opportunities is likewise irresponsible and an even greater Crime.

But what else must be done when the very economic progress, the very Republic, the very People the Arroyo Government claims to achieve, promote and protect is being destroyed by her?