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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

best person to lead

who is the best person to lead?

one thing that mrs. arroyo has that everyone else doesn't is the fact that she accepts and wants the power of her office. and no, thats not necessarily a bad quality in a leader. in fact, quite the opposite.

yet what she wants to accomplish--- a parliament system geared towards only to empower allies and not to shake things up, to empower democracy, to transform our society to something far better isn't the best thing.

sorry, i believe that the future of this country is in federalism, in decentralizing power to stimulate the ones on the ground. the proposed shift to parliamentary system will not empower local government or stimulate the countryside but only encourage feudalism.

when one looks at the opposition, they don't offer a different solution either. nothing to transform this hope into reality. at the end of the day, we need to tranform our society, to raise our life to a whole new level yet the way these people are going for doesn't help and neither does coup or rebellions.

mrs. arroyo believes she is the best person to lead, thats well and good. the opposition believes they are the best to lead.

i haven't seen anyone who actually leads.