Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Change and Innovation

What is the way out to improve the country, instead of destroying it? I was reading Mr. Manuel L. Quezon III's inquirer article and he asked that question. How indeed? There are two ways already in motion that could be taken and arguably there are many other ways but these two are the path most obvious to me. First, we look at it from a global perspective meaning a macro view of things and second we look at it from an individual standpoint.

Macro View

First, the road to improve the country has already been pushed into motion--- Charter Change and we shall comment on the Consultative Commission's recommendations. A lot of people are probably rolling their eyes reading that. Well, the problem facing the country today is that this disagreement between our elite--- the Oligarchy running the nation is that they have no middle ground to stand on. One camp will push the other and retaliation is ensured. We look also at the various leftist and right movement who speak of love of country (well not just them, just about everybody these days is saying that). Isn't it high time to prove that? If truly, people mean well (I will leave the other reasons for your mind to wander about in)--- the road that leads to change is not in the streets, its fought and won within the halls of democracy and what better place than to gather together and shape a country's destiny?

When we gather the stakeholders of our nation let us be practical in knowing that not all the problems we face can be solved in the short span of time people will gather together. They must realize that the question they need answer is simple: What is best for the common good?

A gathering of the nation's minds to form a more perfect Charter is perhaps the best peace initiative. We trust the leaders of each of our factions to come together and decide the future. It is a... difficult pill to swallow but for many of us we must force our natures to be humble. We can't all be drivers and being back seat drivers is even worst than having too many cooks in the kitchen. Sorry for the mixed metaphors but thats exactly where we are.

The last time our people gathered minds together they formed this bloated document we call a Constitution. For all its imperfections it was the perfect document to take us this far. It has done its job, however imperfect but it can not take us into the future. We now need to innovate, to build a more solid foundation for our collective future and such a framework for a dream must be grounded in idealism and practicalism, heavier on the latter. And most importantly, it must be heavy on brevity and worded easily that it can be taught to children.

Charter Change then becomes our covenant in a peace process between ourselves. It should be our framework for a dream. It must be drafted with the only partisan intent being: what is it that we want for the future? People must remember that the fundamental law of our land is our guide and should be enduring, should be timeless and should be easily understood, read and remembered. It need not have every single detail--- unlike the 1987 Constitution. Our politics if only for such a small span of time, does not become mediocre, it is taken to a higher level, if only so ever briefly and a gathering--- for the purpose of building the foundation of the future is a timely and only clear way to take us to the next level.

Some sectors would be claiming, that it is not the time. But when will it be? People will never trust politicians--- just look at the history of the world. They are mistrusted all the time. We look at our problems today--- a political civil war that is fast affecting our way of life. There is no improvement in our people's lot largely because no one is capable of directing a focus into the future. We are forever forced to plan a day ahead--- whereas we should be looking towards the future and how to ready our people for a particular time and determine where we will be on that day.

Charter Change is no less difficult, no less risky than having an election. Camps will lobby for a “Yes” and a “No” but at the end of the day, we must decide and follow through with that decision. We need to beat the status quo of mistrust and mediocrity.

That said, let us look into the Con-Com report.

Consultative Commission Report

Reading the report of the Con-Com, has some provision that are... questionable... at least to this writer. For example, the form of goverment it proposes is that Members of Parliament be made up of so many people. We need only look at the current setup of the House of Representatives to see that it is a bloated and slow moving organization. Members of Parliament should be limited but proportional to the Number of States and their respective population---- more than for example the number of Senators, but less than the Members of the House of Representatives today.

The no term limits is acceptable--- being that it leaves to the people to vote wisely and still allow the better Members of Parliament to keep on serving until people determine he or she has done their service for God and Country.

The idea that only college graduates should be allowed to become members of parliament is a ridiculous idea! Bill Gates of Microsoft didn't graduate from University and look at where he is now. Apple founder, master of the iPod, owner of Pixar, Steve Jobs is also a college drop out. Both are masters of business. Limiting our options in choosing who to run government, brings a dangerous idea to the picture. How many college graduates actually can perform? That is not a good barometer of how well a member of Parliament will perform. We must leave this to the people to decide who will represent their intentions.

However this slow transition to Federalism is a mistake. Con-Com proposes such a lengthy interval--- a year and only when 60% of provinces and highly urbanized regions declare will there be a Federal Republic. It should be established on the get go and that the movement may loose measure. There should be a Federal Republic when a New Constitution is formed. Each region or province upon hold the referendum together with the creation of the Charter. A yes, will mean the transition of their province into a state and the formation of a Federal Republic because essentially they are agreeing to the provisions of the new Constitution. But why poll people twice?

Also, as much as there are economic provisions in the new Constitution there should be included the duty of every citizen to the Republic. It must work both ways--- rights of the Citizen but must include what the Citizen gives back to the collective. It is paramount I believe in creating a dynamic, society years down the road.

Individual point of view

As much as there is a pressing need to improve the system of government, it need not stop individuals for example to excel on their own. In fact, it is happening now as more people work harder, sometimes having two jobs and investing in the Philippines. Because irregardless of the economic situation, only through hard work and diligence can a nation grow. Innovation is the only way to get out of a slump. This way, the economy is stimulated anew.

We need to use what we have now, and move forward. We adapt because thats the only way to exist and we endeavor to move forward. Our individual ideas of blaming government for our lot--- that must be the first to go. People must realize that our lot is only improved through hard work--- difficult to swallow indeed because resources are not enough. But start small and keep at it and that hardwork will translate.

We stimulate the economy by building stuff, buying/selling stuff and services. And that human capacity has no limit. We need only to push harder and when we fall, stand up anew. Easier said than done. Hope and faith--- and belief that our individual fate is not tied to our governments and that we push forward in spite of our weaknesses and station in life. Easier said then done, certainly, but what else is there? Thinking defeat is a waste of time, brain power and will. We pick ourselves up and when many individuals do that--- like a smile it becomes infectious.


the jester-in-exile said...

hey arkangel1a,

agreed on your views on federalism and the college graduate qualification.

what crock of crap these people wrote up.

cocoy said...

thanks jester-in-exile. yeah, it really is crap. but its a start.