Friday, July 01, 2005

Truth or Lies?

The opposition is adamant in their search for the truth. They believe President Macapagal Arroyo is liable because of her admitted conversation with a commission of elections right after the Philippine Elections of 2004. They believe, she cheated her way into the presidency.

I believe it is not as black and white, as people might want to believe.

Yes, there must be some sanction--- we can not just let a simple "lapse" of judgment go past. The Presidency of any nation is a sacred trust. Her admission of a lapse in judgment in conversing with a commission on election as a candidate is never ethical. Without some form of sanction, we justify such behavior.

Yet on a higher plain, beyond simple right or wrong, in that gray region where we must seek balance between our need to be moral and the practicalities of the day, a dissolution of the Arroyo Administration, without using the proper constitutional avenue is a suicide run towards ruin. It is even more reprehensible than a lapse in judgment without sanction.

Gone is the day of snap elections, they are not Contitutional.

Gone is the day of People Power.

Street protests, they only create jitters in the marketplace, making people's lives even more miserable than what they should. Though it is their Constitutional right to do so, but I wonder if they even realize this will not change the fact that many of our people are hungry.

These people want change, because the government can not provide them with answers.

Change can only begin with government reform and government reform begins when we strive to work ourselves. We stop bribing officials. We begin working for ourselves, day by day.

I wonder if people even realize that wealth is generated best when government protects the players in the field--- by ensuring balance and fair play; that everyone is given equal opportunity? When government runs a business, it eventually fails. And so every government in the world is getting out of business, China is on top of that list. These governments are succeeding in transforming their societies into wealthy nations.

Yet I get the impression, our people want this government to do everything for them, to answer all their woes. This is the main problem of our people, something our leaders need to answer.

What the opposition is driving at today is a set of grievances, yet there is no concrete plan of action. What alternatives are you offering? They have never answered that question. And for all her faults, President Macapagal-Arroyo is doing her very little bit.

If you want the hard truth? Lies should be held accountable and there must be some form of sanction. But greater and more importantly, prosperity is worked at. Our people should understand that.