Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sin is Dead

Jaime Cardinal Sin, returned to our Lord at the age of 76, yesterday morning. For almost three decades, Cardinal Sin swayed the people with the power of the Church and changed Philippine History.

What was extraordinary with the House of Sin, was at its height, had power to rally the people together in faith and in politics. Cardinal Sin was a liberal, politically but he was conservative in his stance, following Church doctrine.

Jaime Sin used the power of the Roman Catholic Church to rally change. It was his greatest gift to the Filipino people. He was a true leader and the Filipino people have so few of them. He chose to do what was right rather than what was popular. He chose to lead, to convince people the truth of his convictions and often time, the People followed him and sometimes they disagreed.

The passing of Cardinal Sin, was not surprising. He was of ill health. He was of considerable age. Yet he has done his part for God and country. The Filipino people should acknowledge that. Many may forget the debt of gratitude the nation owes Jaime Cardinal Sin yet his works, the deeds of his life will never be taken from him. Jaime Cardinal Sin was a true Filipino patriot, a Hero of the Filipino people.


wake up pinoy! said...

With the passing of these "real" great Filipinos who were genuinely principled, honest and bright individuals who felt and responded to the suffering of the people I wonder who would be left to serve and lead the nation? Jinggoy? Bong? Imee? Generals? Jueteng lords? How about Amay Bisaya?