Thursday, May 26, 2005

Into the Looking Glass

It is not the media's fault that the news that they report isn't exactly the news, or the truth. Oh, I'm not saying, these guys are fabricating the news that they report. They are not. Its more like, garbage in, garbage out, kind of deal.

Our media believes the truth they package is the real truth and many of us believe it to be the truth, after all who in their right mind would tell people, whats really going on? And that the real truth lies hidden behind the cameras, that the real truth is not wrapped in candy coating, that the real truth is something people know but can never bring to light. Such it is, this way of life in the Philippines.

You see, in retrospect, we live in a country that is governed not in a way we think it is. Illegal gambling may take the center stage today. Every moralist would say, downfall to it! Truly, in reality, it will never fade away. It has been the way of life of so many people. Damned if those with the real power in this country would let it be.

How can a twenty-six year old say these things? If you'd visited the corridors of power, even its outer rim, you'd know such a thing is not a feasible thing to accomplish.

How many issues have there been? Accusations, flying here and there about this and that first, second, third gentleman or lady. Some about illegal gambling; some about drugs or prostitution or whatever other crime you'd like to put in. These people are powerful, not just by their position but by the power of wealth they've amassed.

Aren't you tired of the same old story?

In no event has a case been filed, in no event has their been any luck to bring people to justice. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Doesn't our country deserve justice?

There's just no proof. No tangible legal document; no evidence to prove any of these accusations, even if we assume, ever if we believe beyond any doubt that the one accusing these people are honorable men and/or women, angels even. We live in a world were laws should be upheld and to bring these people to light of that law. Yet there is none, don't you think our country deserve justice?

I've read today, of an opinion--- entrepreneurs wanting that this country be a better one. How I wish they could read this: In the Philippines, to be on top, one must have the right connections, right contacts that lead to the Powers that be and other unique techniques. It doesn't matter if you've setup multi-million or multi-billion contracts or simply to search for a job, in and out of government, but thats what you will need. Isn't that such a sad story, we live in a society where, talent, skill, hard work are second best to who you know and not what you know?

Aren't you tired of the same old story? I do not know how many of my generation has seen what I've seen; heard what I've heard. I do not know how many of my generation have experienced what I've experienced first hand, how the generations that sired us, are running this nation, opposite of what they taught us to be true. But you know, some of them do so, because of the demands of our generation: designer clothes, finer phones, ivy league education, all the fast food-junk we want. The quest for Material wealth has dominated our everyday lives and drives our daily endeavor to the point that, misleading others, lying, stealing, cheating are norms that our society uphold.

Aren't you sad? That laws, policies are manipulated, are worded in such way as to create avenues of legal sources of income--- that has no logical thought to it.

I'm sure you are and might even say, yeah what you're saying isn't brand new. It isn't even in the category of second hand. And you are right. The real question our people should be asking is, are we willing to change this culture?
It will be hard to say no to people who's job is to lobby funds to provide line items government really need but will go through the (such as it is insane) process of public tenders.

It will be a bitter pill to swallow not to pay that street cop to look the other way when we violate traffic rules.

It will be painful to pay taxes knowing the money doesn't properly go to the right hands.

It will be excruciatingly maddening to follow laws and enactments that have no logic at all except to enrich the already rich.

It will be insane thing, to do the right thing, even to the point of losing money, of being the last guy to finish and to see people with lesser minds, less noble intent, less vision, get ahead.

Are we willing to change this culture?