Friday, April 15, 2005

is there something in the water?

nothing really changes in the Philippines, does it?

the political opposition remains entangled with the past, such--- madness! with Ms. Susan Roces (wife of the late Fernando Poe, Jr.) declaring that she does not recognize, Arroyo's government, the recursive game of immature politics returns.

maybe there's something in the water in this country? because this is the kind of madness that doesn't help. this is the kind of madness that brings our countrymen and women deeper into poverty! and these people say they champion the plight of the poor? what absolute rubbish!

do they even know? can they even fathom--- what would it take to bring this nation out of poverty and into the 21st century? do they even know, can they even understand that there are places in the Philippines where there isn't even electricity or running water? this in a world where we march towards high-speed computing, and man has reached the moon and beyond!

can these people grasp the tight rope that must be walked--- the fine balancing act, the intricate details of bringing forward our people's agenda and at the same time marching with our brothers and sisters in the world's stage?

declarations that Arroyo's government isn't legitimate only makes things worst. no matter how arrogant, the president can appear to be sometimes, no matter how you object to her policies, no matter how much one may loath her as a human being--- such declaration that the government the whole world recognizes is illegitimate and by a ranking member of the political opposition destroys the entire country one claims to love!

the elections are over. whether or not the political opposition was cheated of victory, it is done! it is over! it is high time that this country moves forward. what we need is a declaration of what needs to be done, actions that bring results and NOT declarations laced in political rhetoric that one was cheated! there are just too many more important things that need to be done for the good of the Filipino people. We need to move forward. You should borrow a page from Al Gore.

the future of the Philippines depends on professional politics--- ideas and implementations that have a direct positive impact on the lives of Filipinos. We need to expand our education, our science, our business, our economy. the world marches forward, and it does not wait while we squander our time.

Ms. Roces, what we need from you--- are good ideas: your take on how to move forward with the people's agenda. this is mrs. arroyo's time to shine and for good or ill, history will judge her after her term in office. we do not need politics. we need action. we need concrete solutions that address the plight of the very people you and your late husband claim to love. may be then, in the next election, you'll have my vote.

i, after all voted for the other opposition candidate but that is likewise mute and academic now. we have a president. you should get to work if you want the top job.

we move forward, we shouldn't move back.