Monday, September 13, 2004

Starts Here

The Philippines is a wonderful place to live in. But its problems are complex, I don't know if the Filipino realizes the complexity, the sheer daunting task of their problem.

I've always mentioned that the fundamental reason why the Philippines is in such a mess is the absence of true leadership in the country. I have lately realized that the question goes on a bit and that the cancer prevailing in this country is part of the culture itself.

Here, laws are not made to be followed, they are, by nature of culture and society, “suggestions”. You can bend them at any time. Even laws designed to make you safe like don't jaywalk and use the pedestrian lane? Mere suggestions! People jaywalk all the time, in spite of I may add the presence of an overpass for the pedestrian built from public funds and put up by the government precisely for the safety and well being of its people. If something so simple can't be enforceable, how can we expect say a law on graft and corruption to stick?

The problem did not begin with its leaders, it began from this flawed culture. The Filipino must come to realize that his problems end the moment he realizes that its solution starts from himself.

Is it not high time to change this culture?


Anonymous said...

You have a point. Laws in the Philippines aren't made to be followed. This clearly shows the lack of discipline and lack of understanding of the true meaning of democracy among the Filipino people. Lack of proper implementation of these laws by the government is also the cause of such.


Anonymous said...

im guilty..