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Monday, September 20, 2004

A Dream

The Philippine solution requires its citizenry and leadership to be deadly serious about its complex problems. We must discipline ourselves to take the straight and steady path towards prosperity.

As a people, we must begin looking towards that future and laying down the groundwork for true national vision--- a vision of what we desire this nation to be. We must be prepared as a people to make the sacrifices and our leadership must similarly be willing to make the same and even greater sacrifices for us all.

The groundwork needed for a grand future is to establish our own brand of democracy. Not this anarchy we call “democracy” but rather our brand of freedom and liberty and equal opportunity.

The first logical step is to establish some semblance of order in our house. We must bring the money where it is most needed--- at the grass roots level. This role must be made possible by the very leaders in power because they directly or indirectly control the flow of money.

How do we change the flow of money? We expand the role of local government. We must give our Local Governments true autonomy to establish jobs, to expand infrastructure, to create opportunity and a level playing field, take the next step and complete what we set out to do years ago. We can complete this transformation by taking the longer route but ultimately the more rewarding one--- the establishment of a Federal Republic.

A Federal Republic that empowers every region to create jobs, to establish a level playing field, where resources are properly allocated where they are most needed--- this will spur our economy forward. Resources for infrastructure development will be placed where it is most needed, in a method of delivery befitting the local custom. Similarly resources for security vis-a-vis population can be establish and likewise for healthcare and education.

Each local government shall be responsible directly for the lives of their citizenry and we will in the course of these sweeping changes must correct this feudal vision of our society and move forward. Only by empowering through system-wide reforms on the grass roots level can we build up this country. We need to start there. We need to let our people run with it.

With regard to our national way of life, we must trim it. Excesses in government should be reduced (can never be eliminated because some rule in the grand-scale of things seem to point out that government by nature is inefficient). We need to establish our own parliamentary rules but a legislature and executive department that is not bloated to be unmanageable but one with considerable power and capability.

With an increase in economic standing, we must improve the enforceability of our laws and make each citizen accountable under the eyes of the law. Which means, come out with innovative ways to make justice deliverable at the quickest possible opportunity.

Changes in the way the Philippines works will not be an overnight thing. Each citizen must understand that. There are no quick fixes, no shortcuts, we need to slave over our goals and we must all agree to each do our share. Thats the point isn't it... every citizen--- rich or poor, in power or follower, we all must work hand in hand and get back into the business of creating a prosperous future for our progeny. We must establish true leadership because we need direction and a credible work ethic to get us towards the end of that goal. Then prosperity in this country will not just be empty words in the wind rather something everyone can feel.